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The lifestyle is the set of attitudes and behaviors that people adopt and develop individually or collectively to satisfy their needs as human beings and achieve their personal development.


“A general way of life based on the interaction between living conditions in a broad sense and individual behavior patterns determined by sociocultural factors and personal characteristics.”


The lifestyle you adopt has an impact on both physical and mental health. A healthy lifestyle has a positive impact on health. It includes habits such as regular exercise, proper and healthy eating, drinking enough quality water (for example with a purifying water dispenser), enjoying free time, socializing activities, maintaining high self-esteem, etc.


An unhealthy lifestyle is the cause of diseases such as obesity or stress. It includes habits such as the consumption of toxic substances (alcohol, drugs), smoking, sedentary lifestyle, rushing, exposure to pollutants, etc.

Keep in mind that throughout your life, you may have different lifestyles. Some healthier than others. Lifestyles depend on you and your attitude towards your daily habits.
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Mercado de San Miguel, much more than a renovation

Mercado de San Miguel, much more than a renovation. This historic market is a pioneer in creating the concept of the market as a place to eat.
The Mercado de San Miguel reinforces its culinary appeal with renowned chefs, without abandoning the essence of traditional markets.
Among these chefs are: Jordi Roca, Rodrigo de la Calle, Roberto Ruiz and Ricardo Sanz.
Mercado de S Miguel, much more

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Summer terraces. It’s time for terraces in Madrid

Summer terraces. It’s time for terraces in Madrid and Spain in general. With the appearance of good weather, it is time for the summer terraces. In Spain the terraces model has been a successful product for years.

In Madrid, coinciding with its ninth anniversary since the opening of the first Arzábal tavern, Álvaro Castellanos and Iván Morales give the starting signal to the season of terraces with the extension of their three proposals.

Summer terraces

Arzábal was born on May 6, 2009 in a place without the possibility of a terrace, in which Álvaro Castellanos and Iván Morales offered their scooters to customers to occasionally support their drinks before the tide of customers who demanded space. Continue reading Summer terraces. It’s time for terraces in Madrid

The products for celiacs: beers and snack

The products for celiacs: beers and snack. On Monday, May 27, the National Celiac Day was celebrated, a date dedicated to giving visibility to a condition that affects nearly 1 million people in Spain.

And, although there are many foods that gluten intolerant can not consume and still many limitations of the current gastronomic offer.

There are more and more brands that, conscious of those affected. Decide to add gluten-free varieties to their products that are suitable for celiacs .

Among them is Nomad Brewing, which includes in its portfolio of Petricor and Hanami craft beers, two varieties with a gluten content lower than 220 ppm (and, therefore, considered ‘Gluten Free’), which makes them suitable for celiacs can enjoy a beer with personality.






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15 Health Benefits of Wine, According to Science.

Benefits of Wine. We reproduce here part of the article recently published by:

Which we consider of great interest.

15 Health Benefits of Wine, According to Science. In times of celebration, a wine toast may be just one of the most awaited part by many.

The bubbly wine is usually used to commemorate joyous occasions in one’s life as it symbolizes royalty and reflects love. But aside from taking part in celebrations, wines come with a host of important benefits.

The wine has undergone intensive studies over the years and it has been proven to be an effective elixir. Who says a man needs a fountain of youth to live a long life? Pour yourself a glass of wine from the wine cooler and bottle up some knowledge to find out the surprising benefits.

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Red wine removes fats from food

Red wine removes fat from food, a recent study shows. According to a study in Current Biology published in SINC. Fat and astringency are polar opposites of a spectrum of taste sensations. They range from the “oily”, “slippery” or “slippery” of fat, to “dry”, “hard” or “astringent”, of red wine.

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Wine and the relationship with celiac

Wine and the relationship with celiac . What a relationship wine and celiac have. Fortunately none.

It must be said that the celiac disease, which is so widespread today, has always existed, what happened was that it was not known, and its effects were imputed to a multitude of things.

Celiacs are people who do not tolerate gluten from food, and therefore should exercise extreme care in the food they take.

Gluten is mainly in wheat seeds, so everything that is made with wheat flour is prohibited for these people.

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Exclusive Green Olive Oils.

Exclusive Green Olive Oils. Green oil, also known as early harvest or first harvest olive oil. It is the juice extracted from the youngest olives, normally green or in veraison, during the months of October and November depending on the area.
We know that food enters through the eyes and this greatly conditions us when judging and evaluating its flavor.
The same occurs with olive oil. Especially when we see it through a transparent container or when serving it on the plate. Its color and texture make it more or less attractive to our eyes. These attributes transmit the first sensations before tasting it.

Green color

This is the case, for example, of unfiltered olive oil, olive juice packaged “on branch” with a cloudy green color that gives it a more authentic and natural appearance.
The last name “green” has to do with its fruity and more intense, aromatic, bitter and spicy flavor. Once the juice is filtered, its moisture remains are removed and it usually presents a more intense and brighter green color.
It is quite an experience of flavor to awaken our senses with this early oil easy to identify due to its bright green color.

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“City of Sansueña” A Solemn Cheese. Part I.

“City of Sansueña” A Solemn Cheese. Part I. It is among the most accredited in Spain and they are the “flagship” of most of the food pantries of restaurants, gourmet shops and specialized in cheeses, as well as private homes. The LÁCTEAS ZAMORO cheeses are protected by the Zamorano Cheese Designation of Origin.
Having very recognizable elements. The main raw material is 100% milk from sheep of the Churra and Castilian breeds raised in the province of Zamora, where 20% of all Spanish production of sheep milk comes from.
It is a matured, fatty cheese with a buttery texture on the palate, persistent aromas and some not very spicy notes. Its flavor is a balanced mix between sweet and acid nuances.







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The Spanish Caviar Pirinea & Perse

The Spanish Caviar Pirinea & Perse. Since ancient times, caviar has been attributed healing and invigorating properties. Part of this secret may be in the reserve developed by sturgeons to guarantee the survival of their species for 250 million years, which is the time they have inhabited the planet, says Carlos Cadenas, CEO of Caviar de Riofrío.
In Spain there are three Spanish companies that produce and export high quality caviar. And they warn that many consumers believe they buy Russian products when they are from China.

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DOMINUS oil “A Mr. Oil” .Part II.

DOMINUS oil “A Mr. Oil”. The main thing for us, says the head of the export department, Francisco Montabes, is to obtain the highest quality and food safety in all the processes that we carry out, from the planting of an olive tree to the exit of each bottle of our mill.
To this end, we collaborate in studies and initiatives aimed at certifying the quality of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil in all phases of its manufacturing process.





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DOMINUS oil “Mr. oil”. 1st part

DOMINUS oil “Mr. oil”. 1st part. The first step in the production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the collection of the fruit.
In this mill, the olive harvest begins when it is in a state of initial maturity. Always looking for the optimal index from the organoleptic point of view.
The olive is collected directly from the tree, without the fruit reaching the ground.
The time of harvesting the fruit is a very important factor, which directly affects the quality of the oil.
What should be done when the maturation process is complete.
But that moment should not be postponed, the General Director of MONVA S.L, Francisco Montabes Vaño, declares us.

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Gaudium Chamberi (Madrid)Restaurant: A kitchen with roots

Gaudium Chamberi (Madrid)Restaurant: A kitchen with roots. In Santa Feliciana, 14, in the Chamberí neighborhood, chef Juan Carlos Peñas has his restaurant. He tells me during the talk we have before knowing his dishes that is in the kitchen by passion.
“I know that it sounds cheesy and very bad”, but I am an economist and for a long and dark period of my life my work activity was linked to the administration and finances of different companies.
During this time cooking for my family was what helped me to escape.
In 2007 he decided to change course, left his job and took a professional cooking course.
In 2008 GAUDIUM CHAMBERI opens, where he works as an assistant in the kitchen while completing his training, learning from experienced chefs. Gaudium Chamberi (Madrid)Restaurant.

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A premium oil: Palacio de Los Olivos

A premium oil: Palacio de Los Olivos, produces, produces and markets its own extra virgin olive oil 100% Picual olive juice.
The collection of the Picual variety on the farm is early. At the beginning of November, in order to obtain the fruit at its optimum ripeness.
The olive is cold-milled through exclusively mechanical procedures and with subsequent decanting in the mill.
After that, Olivapalacios oil is subjected to a rigorous analytical control in the laboratory.






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What a glass of wine to choose and how to hold it to enjoy the wine properly

What a glass of wine to choose and how to hold it to enjoy the wine properly. Not all glasses are for all wines. The shape, width and height determine the type of wine we are going to taste.
Along with the temperature at which we serve the wine, the glass is one of the key factors to be able to taste a wine well.





Article written by JJ Duro

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