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Wine and drinks are part of our daily life. Wine has some properties to accompany meals that are highly recommended. Both wine and any drink must be taken in moderation.Wine is a drink made from grapes, through the alcoholic fermentation of their must or juice.
Fermentation is produced by the metabolic action of yeasts, which transform the natural sugars of the fruit into ethanol and gas in the form of carbon dioxide.
The sugar and acids in the fruit, Vitis vinifera, are sufficient for the development of fermentation.
However, wine is a sum of environmental factors: climate, latitude, altitude, daylight hours and temperature, among several others.
Approximately 66% of the world grape harvest is dedicated to wine production; the rest is for consumption as fruit.
Despite this, the cultivation of the vine covers only 0.5% of the arable land in the world.


The cultivation of the vine has been associated with places with a Mediterranean climate, not in vain, half of the world’s wine production is concentrated in just three Mediterranean countries: Italy, France and Spain.

Wine and drink

The name “wine” is given only to the liquid resulting from the total or partial alcoholic fermentation of grape juice, without the addition of any substance.
In many laws, only the fermented drink obtained from Vitis vinifera is considered wine. Although similar drinks are obtained from other species such as Vitis labrusca, Vitis rupestris, etc.
Knowledge of the particular science of winemaking is called oenology (without considering the vine growing processes).
The science that deals only with the biology of the vine, as well as its cultivation, is called ampelology.
Wine was produced for the first time during the Neolithic, according to archaeological evidence found in the Zagros Mountains, in the region now occupied by Iraq and Iran.

How to correctly read a wine label

How to correctly read a wine label. The label is usually a piece of paper that contains information useful to the consumer, and that adheres to the bottle. Currently there are also labels of other materials that can be placed in the wine bottle.
The label in most occasions on the only information we have about a wine before consuming it, that is why the information it contains and the way of exposing it is of vital importance.
The labels of the wines are usually two: the main label that is placed on the front and the counter-label on the back.

Correctly read a wine label

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What is the terroir of wines

What is terroir of wines? The climate, the grape, the land and the orientation of the vineyard, all this includes the concept “terroir”.
It is therefore a word that groups within itself, some basic concepts of the composition of a wine.
The wine no longer only depends on its preparation and aging, nowadays thanks to advanced techniques, the concept of “terroir” is the result of research into different aspects that encompass wine.
Its origin is French, to differentiate the wines produced in a specific area with specific characteristics. Sometimes the concept covers whole regions.

What is the terroir of wines


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Granxa Pegullal: High Quality Products.

The Granxa Pegullal and its High Quality Products. In an area of Galicia, specifically in Salceda de Caselas in the province of Pontevedra stands the PEGULLAL PEACE, which was built in the 18th century.

The Pazo

Surrounded by a monumental wall that surrounds the farm. It is chaired by a majestic access gate. Crowned with the coat of arms of the Correa, Mendoza, Quirós, Sarmiento and Sotomayor families.
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The Queen of Albariño awarded Order of Knights of Wine

The Queen of Albariño awarded Order of Knights of Wine. The Foundation, created in 1984 by “Wines from Spain” of the Economic and Commercial Office of the Embassy of Spain.
Located in London, each year this institution “puts in solfa” two new characters.
Elected by secret ballot, recognizing and highlighting their work in the promotion of Spanish wines in the United Kingdom.

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How to match wine with each type of food

How to match wine with each type of food. Today we will explain how to match the wine with each type of food. A few months ago we explained part of this content, and now we want to expand. We remember what we said in his day:
It is about those who know less about the world of wine, but like to organize meals or dinners with friends, or simply be at a meal and have to choose a wine, know the general guidelines, and have a food matching guide and wines.

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How to read the wine tasting notes.

Many times we have asked ourselves how to read the wine tasting notes, in order to understand their function much better.

The first thing we must do to correctly understand the wine tasting notes, is to put the five senses in maximum concentration, to be able to perfectly understand the characteristics of the wines.

We are going to define the steps to taste a wine, without losing sight of the fact that we want to do something that illustrates and is pleasant to us, and not boring.

The wine tasting notes are the result of the tasting of the wines, and their summary of what is perceived put on a paper.

The wine tasting notes are reflected in the wine tasting sheet, and are the wine ratings, and these generally speak of:

wine tasting notes

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Monticello wineries family tradition

Monticello wineries family tradition. Montecillo wineries Rioja authenticity and family tradition. Montecillo has presented its new vintages and some of its novelties: such as the Montecillo Blanco Fermentado en Barrica 2016, and Montecillo Rosé 2016, both of D.O.Ca. Rioja
It will also be the perfect setting for the launch of its Limited Edition 2010.

Monticello wineries family tradition

Montecillo Limited Edition 2010, has recently been awarded a Gold Bacchus and Andreas Larsson, Best Sommelier in the World (2007 ASI).
He has awarded him 90 points in his last blind tasting; is the modern expression of the eternal and authentic Rioja, the most contemporary and at the same time, the most timeless wine of Montecillo.
It is the alliance of two ancestral varieties, Tempranillo and Graciano.
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Do you know funny wine bottle labels and names

Increasingly, today’s life demands innovation, exclusivity, modernity and a myriad of differentiating concepts. Funny Wine Bottle Labels are no exception and are also part of the world today.
Thus, more and more frequently, we observe the use of modern symbols and names in wines, in contrast to the shields, noble titles, and classic names.
These novelties affect both bottles, labels, flavors, etc.

funny labels

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Two Spanish wines in the top 20 of Wine Spectator

Spanish wines top 20.  Two are the Spanish wines that have been classified among the first 20 references selected by Wine Spectator in the year 2016.
One more year Wine Spectator has analyzed studied and the stories of the most peculiar wines.
In 2016 more than 18,000 blind tastings have been made to select the wines that will enter the tops 100.
Therefore, the importance of the Spanish wines that have been selected and that here we reflect those that have remained within the first 20.
France, Italy and the USA represent two-thirds of the selected wines. First of all:

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The ten main wine regions in Spain that you should know

There are ten main Spanish wine regions in Spain that you should know if you are interested in the world of wine.
In Spain wine is produced practically in most of the regions of this country.
Nevertheless, some Spanish wine regions, have a greater tradition in the elaboration of their wines. Its denominations of origin enjoy a reputation in many parts of the world.

DOCa Rioja


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The wine to accompany the salmon this Christmas.

The wine to accompany the salmon this Christmas. When thinking about a wine for Christmas meals, we should also think about what kind of food we are going to put.
Depending on the chosen meal, we will think of one wine or another. There are wines that combine better with meats, others with fish, and others depending on the type of food combination.
Everyone knows that red wine goes better with meats, and white wines with fish. But there are also rosés that fit perfectly, in these celebratory meals.

wine to accompany salmon

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