DOMINUS oil “Mr. oil”. 1st part

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DOMINUS oil “Mr. oil”. 1st part. The first step in the production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the collection of the fruit.
In this mill, the olive harvest begins when it is in a state of initial maturity. Always looking for the optimal index from the organoleptic point of view.
The olive is collected directly from the tree, without the fruit reaching the ground.
The time of harvesting the fruit is a very important factor, which directly affects the quality of the oil.
What should be done when the maturation process is complete.
But that moment should not be postponed, the General Director of MONVA S.L, Francisco Montabes Vaño, declares us.

DOMINUS oil “Mr. oil”.

The transfer and the oil mill

The immediate transfer to the oil mill tells us the most responsible, “allows us the entry of a healthy olive and in perfect condition. No bumps or breaks in your epidermis.
Its oil mill is located in the olive grove itself, which allows the olive transfer time to be minimized and thus minimize the risk of mishaps that could damage the olive. ”
Once the olive is received in the mill, it is cleaned and selected according to the quality of the fruit.
The clean and preselected olive is led to the mill, from where it will be converted into olive mass.

The grinding of DOMINUS oil “Mr. oil”.

A respectful cold extraction is made from this mass, which keeps the organoleptic richness of the fruit intact.
This process, called milling, must be carried out with the utmost care so that the organoleptic qualities of aroma and flavor present in the fruit are not affected.
For this, it is necessary to maintain an olive milkshake temperature below 27 ° C, at the cost of a lower yield.
Once the quality of the new oil has been checked, they are stored in the cellar for later packaging.
Our tanks are designed to ensure optimal maintenance of the organoleptic and nutritional characteristics of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Finally, we transmit all this passion to the world through our commercial networks, both in Spain and abroad, to offer the consumer the opportunity to taste an original and authentic product.

Oil with History of DOMINUS oil

1972. Francisco Montabes and Ms. Araceli Vañó, descendants of olive families who, since the end of the 18th century, were engaged in the cultivation of the olive grove and the production of oil in mills of their property, acquired the Cortijo Virgen de los Milagros in 1972. Thus was born Montabes Vañó, S.L. (MONVA), a company that continues to maintain the tradition, and experience.
El Cortijo, an old estate where MONVA fully carries out the entire cycle of obtaining Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It is located in the municipality of Mancha Real, on the slopes of the Sierra Mágina mountain range, Jaén.
Our farm, cultivated since time immemorial, is witness to numerous archaeological sites.
In addition to supporting nearly 90,000 olive trees. Our Farmhouse welcomes dozens of temporary workers every year, which make it possible to collect and prepare our Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Own Harvest.

The olive variety

The extension of our olive grove plantation is 650 hectares, which benefit from clayey-calcareous soils with a relief of gentle oscillations, which facilitates the cultivation process and the olive harvest.
We use our own Harvest olive, which allows us to plan the collection of the fruit and control the production chain at all times.
The olive grove of the Picual variety is grown in accordance with the Integrated Production Regulation, to ensure greater protection of the Environment.

The early riser oil

DOMINUS EARLY HARVEST is the expression of a desire. That of obtaining an Extra Virgin Olive Oil of unique and exclusive quality.
As well as the fruit of decades of experience of the Montabes Vañó family in the production of “Pay” oil.
The selection and collection of the fruits that give rise to Early Harvest Dominus constitutes its main differential element.
Since it takes place in the middle of October, when the olives are in a state of initial maturity.
This provides an organoleptic profile of great intensity and freshness.
As well as outstanding nutritional properties for its high content in pro-vitamins and natural antioxidants.
The grinding of these fruits at a temperature below 21ºC provides a potency and complexity of aromas that make it truly unique.

Tasting Profile of DOMINUS Oil “A Lord Oil”.

In my tasting of this oil I have appreciated herbaceous green nuances with marked spring notes that evoke a healthy fruit in full exaltation of its youth.
The intensity of its fruity nose is complex and harmonious with deep almond touches. The breadth of its aroma begins in the tomato plant.
Turn towards the green banana peel to finish with nuances of wild flowers.
In the background, but no less interesting, thyme and rosemary appear.
Soft entry into the mouth, with fresh, light and elegant records that express the kind presence of aromatic plants combined with raw nuts.
Its elegance manifests the fraternity between its aroma and flavor.
After its taste, the palate is impregnated in a deep sensation of freshness with light touches of green almond and raw dried fruit.

Certifications of DOMINUS oil “Mr. oil”.

Quality Certification of this oil is backed by the Protected Designation of Origin “Sierra Mpage”. The Junta de Andalucía, and
Integrated Production Regulation, and ISO 9001:
Quality Management: Processing and packaging processes and ISO 14001:
Environmental Protection: Preparation and packaging, and in recognition of this excellent quality of this oil is the IFS:
International Food Standard: Processing and packaging processes.
DOMINUS oil “Mr. oil”.

Article written by Ángel Marqués Avila.


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