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The world and the land of vermouth.-Part 1ª

The world and the land of vermouth. Vermouth is much more than a drink. Define one of the favorite play activities. A social and gastronomic pleasure to enjoy in the bar of a bar of the lifetime, or in the morning of any Sunday with family or friends.
Vermouth is the perfect excuse for a good leisure time and, without a doubt, the king of the aperitif. Proof is that, far from going out of style, it takes more than ever.





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Quality organic and artisanal cheeses from Murcia with class.

Quality organic and artisanal cheeses from Murcia with class. Are those manufactured by CASA RUPERTO.
It is a family business, dedicated to agriculture and livestock, has its headquarters in the Casa Nueva farm, in the hamlet of El Mirador in the town of San Javier( Murcia).
Although they have been in the sector for a short time, little by little they have been making space in it, due mainly to their identity.
Own production and a manual and artisan work in everything they do, and carry out, it gives a quality to their cheeses difficult to match. In these two qualities is where they daily test all their senses and knowledge.





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The gastronomy of Morocco with another look

The gastronomy of Morocco with another look.  The English Court has celebrated these days ‘Morocco with another look’. A few days to  give an in-depth knowledge of Morocco’s wealth from a cultural, artistic or cultural point of view.
An event of this kind has only been held in Europe in the United Kingdom. In the emblematic department store Harrods.
On Thursday, the Utopia space in Madrid hosted a show cooking. Starring the Moroccan cook living in the Madrid town of Parla.
NEGHAFA ZIANA RAJAA, one of the best ambassadors of the traditional Moroccan cuisine, which is made in the houses of Morocco.
This cook gave us a demonstration of Moroccan cuisine within the days ‘Morocco with another look’.






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An artisan cheese with its own stamp

An artisan cheese with its own stamp. The peculiar climatic characteristics of the island of Fuerteventura have allowed the development of an autochthonous goat breed; the Majorera goat With this milk the farmers of the area have been elaborating this cheese in a traditional way.

One of the historical cheese factories in this area is ARTESANOS LA VISTA. It is born from the hand of a couple of majoreros, Domingo Rodríguez and Agustina Martín.

They started with a handful of goats almost 30 years ago, making the right cheeses a week to live.

Over time they manage to increase their cattle to close to 1000 majoreras goats. But they have never abandoned tradition and craftsmanship, because each of their cheeses is still made by hand.








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The products for celiacs: beers and snack

The products for celiacs: beers and snack. On Monday, May 27, the National Celiac Day was celebrated, a date dedicated to giving visibility to a condition that affects nearly 1 million people in Spain.

And, although there are many foods that gluten intolerant can not consume and still many limitations of the current gastronomic offer.

There are more and more brands that, conscious of those affected. Decide to add gluten-free varieties to their products that are suitable for celiacs .

Among them is Nomad Brewing, which includes in its portfolio of Petricor and Hanami craft beers, two varieties with a gluten content lower than 220 ppm (and, therefore, considered ‘Gluten Free’), which makes them suitable for celiacs can enjoy a beer with personality.






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The best wines to accompany a barbecue

The best wines to accompany a barbecue.  At the end it’s weekend, you have to enjoy the rest days with your colleagues, family or friends and then you can plan a barbecue on Sunday afternoon and invite everyone to enjoy the company.

You start to fix everything for the perfect moment.  You go to the supermarket to buy everything you need for example meat, tickets, accompaniment, but it takes something … wine to accompany it.


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Promises with a future in the Madrid Fusión 2019 contest

Promises with a future in the Madrid Fusion 2019 contest, are now a reality.
In this edition seven professional young chefs will compete for the 2019 Revelation Cook Award, in the XVII edition of this award.
The winner will be revealed on January 30 in the Congress auditorium.


By Ángel Marqués Avila. Journalist

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Exclusive and Different Oil: Castillo de Canena

Exclusive and Different Oil: Castillo de Canena. In its quest for excellence, it has launched the limited edition number XIII of its iconic First Harvest Day.
A highly anticipated product throughout the year. It was a pioneer in its category. Stands out among high-end oils for its careful production, aroma, taste and quality.




Article written by Ángel Marqués Avila

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A premium oil: Palacio de Los Olivos

A premium oil: Palacio de Los Olivos, produces, produces and markets its own extra virgin olive oil 100% Picual olive juice.
The collection of the Picual variety on the farm is early. At the beginning of November, in order to obtain the fruit at its optimum ripeness.
The olive is cold-milled through exclusively mechanical procedures and with subsequent decanting in the mill.
After that, Olivapalacios oil is subjected to a rigorous analytical control in the laboratory.





Article written by Ángel Marqués Ávila. Journalist.

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Mercado de San Miguel, much more than a renovation

Mercado de San Miguel, much more than a renovation. This historic market is a pioneer in creating the concept of the market as a place to eat.
The Mercado de San Miguel reinforces its culinary appeal with renowned chefs, without abandoning the essence of traditional markets.
Among these chefs are: Jordi Roca, Rodrigo de la Calle, Roberto Ruiz and Ricardo Sanz.


By Ángel Marqués Avila. Journalist.

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Campollano a cheese from the land of La Mancha made by craftsmen

Campollano a cheese from the land of La Mancha made by craftsmen.
At the beginning of the 20th century, the great-grandparents of the present owners were Cattle Ranchers.
They made artisan cheeses from Cabra and Manchega sheep cheese when the animals brought them milk in the spring season.
In the middle of the century, his grandparents used to make fresh cheese that they sold to all the inhabitants of the town and neighboring towns. These were valued for their good work.

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Cibeles a beer from Madrid artesanal. A different beer

Cibeles a beer from Madrid artesanal.A different beer. Originally was a Phrygian goddess, Cybele, was the goddess of Mother Earth.

She was also considered the personification of the fertile land.

Cibeles a beer from Madrid artesanal.A different beer

The Cibeles beer, located in the Madrid town of Leganés, began its journey 18 years ago, by July 2010, the result of the initiative of a group of entrepreneurs, led by David Castro to which they joined the passion for beer, the business world and the attachment to history, and his love for the people of Madrid, with the aim of offering the market a series of craft beers of high quality and low production volume.

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Sansueña cheese Homogeneous, Soft and Traditional

Sansueña cheese Homogeneous, Soft and Traditional. Lácteas Zamoro, is a family business. With more than 25 years of experience and dedication to the production of raw milk sheep’s cheese.
With modern facilities, in which it has been able to combine perfectly the traditional methods of elaboration with the adaptation of the new technology and the constant renovation to the demands of the market.

Sansueña cheese

A unique cheese. The main asset that the company has is the cheese itself.
It is an old sheep cheese made from raw milk, marketed under the name CITY OF SANSUEÑA. Continue reading Sansueña cheese Homogeneous, Soft and Traditional

Flavors of yesteryear …… for the kitchen of TODAY

Flavors of yesteryear …… for the kitchen of TODAY. In the so-called “Huerta de España”; logically I am referring to the Community of Murcia, has its headquarters, and specifically in the town of El Mirador, San Javier, the company LA VEGA DEL MAR MENOR. Currently directed by its founder Eugenio Jiménez.

Flavors of yesteryear …… for the kitchen of TODAY.

P Listo

The idea of ​​forming this company arose in this Murcian family in the year 2000. Continue reading Flavors of yesteryear …… for the kitchen of TODAY

Summer terraces. It’s time for terraces in Madrid

Summer terraces. It’s time for terraces in Madrid and Spain in general. With the appearance of good weather, it is time for the summer terraces. In Spain the terraces model has been a successful product for years.

In Madrid, coinciding with its ninth anniversary since the opening of the first Arzábal tavern, Álvaro Castellanos and Iván Morales give the starting signal to the season of terraces with the extension of their three proposals.

Summer terraces

Arzábal was born on May 6, 2009 in a place without the possibility of a terrace, in which Álvaro Castellanos and Iván Morales offered their scooters to customers to occasionally support their drinks before the tide of customers who demanded space. Continue reading Summer terraces. It’s time for terraces in Madrid

Granxa Pegullal: High Quality Products.

The Granxa Pegullal and its High Quality Products. In an area of Galicia, specifically in Salceda de Caselas in the province of Pontevedra stands the PEGULLAL PEACE, which was built in the 18th century.

The Pazo

Surrounded by a monumental wall that surrounds the farm. It is chaired by a majestic access gate. Crowned with the coat of arms of the Correa, Mendoza, Quirós, Sarmiento and Sotomayor families.
In addition, this luxury Galician architecture of this time, has a double access staircase that ends in a balustrade sun. Continue reading Granxa Pegullal: High Quality Products.

Top 10 Spanish Gourmet Products

Top 10 Spanish Gourmet Products. In the last months they emphasize the importance of these products of a very high quality.

1.-Peppers of the piquillo of Lodosa

Peppers are peeled one by one without submerging them in water or chemical solutions; Thus retain all their natural characteristics, and then are roasted by direct flame. To be of Lodosa, they have to peel without touching the water. In addition, they are controlled by a Regulatory Board.

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Quesería Tierras Altas: The taste in pastry bag

At Quesería Tierras Altas, they make some cheeses that remind me of the true flavor of the old transhumant herds. That thanks to its vast pastures in sturdy but beautiful landscapes, the harshness of its climate and the inhospitable nature of the place give rise to an authentic cheese.

Highlands Cheese Factory

Cheese creams are made in this cheese factory.
Located in the Soria locality of San Pedro Manrique, they hide the pleasure of enjoying the cheese in a different way.
For Inma Herráez Hurtado, manager and alma mater of this company, soriana of adoption since 1999 and Extremadura of origin:
“The cheeses we make are of supreme quality and artisanal, because we do everything by hand. There is not a single machine, there are only the hands to melt and mature the cheeses. ”
La Quesería Tierras Altas, began its journey back in 2012.
Its novelty lies in the presentation of cream cheese pastry sleeves, with utility patent.

They are being very well received in the world of hospitality and catering, as well as by the consumer in general, for their easy handling.


Innovating in a world as traditional as cheese is complicated, says the manager, Inma Herráez.
So we must sharpen the ingenuity, but in Quesería Tierras Altas know that the ingenuity allows you to keep the quality intact and reach tables that others can only dream of.

The company was born only five years ago, when a Valladolid cheese enthusiast, Ignacio Velasco, decided to install the factory in Tierras Altas (Soria-Spain).

To ripen the dairy products and turn them into spreads.

He recently retired and today the witness is held by Inmaculada Herráez, creativity and illusion in its purest form.
Within this innovation we are introducing ourselves, says the person in charge of the Cheese Factory, in the world of food for Jews.

“We are working on kosher cheese”.

” That is, elaborated under the guidelines required by practicing Jews and that suppose, for example, utensils that have never been in contact with the flesh “.

“A rabbi comes for four or five days to supervise the manufacturing process and by the end of the year we can be in seven countries,” says Inmaculada Herráez.
This step we have taken does not mean creating a new brand. It is rather a new seal that we want to give our face creams open new business experiences.
Make our cheeses known to the different communities and adapting to what the current demand.

International Impact

Although demand is scarce at the national level, “outside of Spain we are having great success,” he says.
“For me it is very important because it is opening doors,” he says and adds that also because “the label of ‘produced by Inmaculada Herráez’ will reach other countries.

“With the signing of an Extremaduran cheese shop that fell in love with Tierras Altas and puts its grain of sand in one of the most unpopulated regions of Europe.
“I continue to make the same products with creams and cheese,

” he explains, but I have incorporated a patented and innovative line.

It’s about the sleeves, “just like the pastry makers do, but with cream cheese.”

“Right now it is what is most successful because it is very comfortable for any cover. Save work to those who buy it, “says the cheese maker.
For the time being I have tried the SHEEP CHEESE CREAM WITH BOLETUS EUDULIS, which has pleasantly surprised me.
It has a strong flavor at the beginning but leaves a bitter aftertaste that is pleasant to the palate.

Cheese Creams

this classic cream, is soft, and great to accompany with honey to be a delicious dessert.

Ideal for mid afternoon take a toast with it to enjoy both its aroma and taste.
And it could not be missing in the land of the Torreznos:
special to taste it as an aperitif, very tasty and in which that soriano touch is appreciated with pleasure.

“The sleeves I sell mostly to distributors, but I also prepare smaller, half pound,” he says. The innkeepers themselves can see their ideas reflected, in addition, with new ingredients.
This is so and tells us that for example in particular from Cádiz.
I call myself a chef to tell me that because of this fashion, bluefin tuna, and if I could prepare a cream with that ingredient, and I said yes, without any problem I did.
They have also asked for me with nuts. “It’s something that is personalized, but always based on my own cheeses.”

In fact, the presentation in pastry bag is patented.
“I do not manufacture under any other brand or for anyone else. It’s a bit like a son, “he says.
Of course, it has left traveler and already has demand in almost all of Spain and in more than ten countries.

The quality

The secret of this success tells us that this in addition to the novel presentation, resides in “the quality of cheese.”

“I do not make cheese creams with 5% product and 95% additives to correct the taste.

Here it is the other way around, take the cheese and the melting salts so that it can be spread, because otherwise it would be impossible.

It does not carry rare preservatives and that gives it quality, “he says.

An advice

There are people who ask me how you can put a good cheese to melt. I answer very easily is that we use the same cheese that is sold whole. We simply take advantage of those that have some small aesthetic defect, for example, a crack. It is a perfect cheese, only it is not attractive to the eye.
There are also those who send us their cheeses so that my hands and that of a person that helps me turn them into delicious creams easy to handle and for all tastes.

The pairing for daring palates. By Angel Marques Avila

The pairing for daring palates and you can enjoy it. If you are young, modern and foodie, willing to try new experiences. This winter you have an appointment at the LARIOS CAFÉ in Madrid.

For this new experience, the chef NACHO GARCIA, with experience among others JOAQUIN FELIPE or MARTIN BERASATEGUI, has designed (together with the team of LARIOS CAFÉ and ROYAL BLISS).

A combination of 5 dishes and 5 cocktails made with different tonic ROYAL BLISS, prepared by ALEXIS CARDENAS, that will take you along a road full of inexpressible emotions.

Beginning of the Expedition

The experience begins by opening the mouth with an APERITIVE, consisting of Idiazábal croquette and pear compote Bao; of bacon and kimchi. To accompany this dish we take a Gin Tonic with LARIOS 150 & ROYAL BLISS CREATIVE Tonic Water Kaffir lime and lime twist that enhances the two appetizers proposed and prepare the palate for the rest of sensations that you are about to experiment with the following dishes .

The next match corresponding to the section of FISH.

It was composed of Tiradito with green curry, pico de gallo and passion fruit gel. To escort this dish we take VODKA VOX & ROYAL BLISS EXPRESSIVE Orange Syrup fruit passion and grapefruit twist.

The different food plates

Next is the time of the PASTA.  Through the Gnochi of roasted pumpkin with Manchego cheese sauce, bacon and rocket shoots.

For this dish, the Cardenas bartender prepared a cocktial composed of gin, LARIOS 12 & ROYAL BLISS YUZU SENSATION BITTER Angostura and orange twist.

With the following plate of PRESA IBÉRICA charcoal with pineapple and ginger chutney. It was the turn of tasting Dominican rum BRUGAL EXTRA AÑEJO & ROYAL BLISS IRREVERENT GINGER ALE Ginger and twist of grapefruit.

The dessert


And to conclude this tour, we arrived at the dessert composed of a creamy with raspberry and apricot with eucalyptus candy.

Here comes the moment of the gin LARIOS ROSÉ & ROYAL BLISS BOHEMIAN BERRY SENSATION Aroma of strawberry and orange twist.

Calm atmosphere enlivened by a duo composed of guitar and singer that offered all kinds of ballads and melodic songs. The room under the baton of Manuel Infantes gives an attentive and fast service. Frankly, there are too many terms because what you have to do is come and experience it yourself.

You will live a frankly unforgettable moment and you will surely repeat it.


Caviar is a rare and exclusive luxury. Today we are going to talk about Caviar de Riofrio that comes from the Industrial piscícola navarra that began its journey in 1956 and extended to its current facilities in Andalusia (Riofrio) in 1963.

History of Caviar

Thus, with more than 50 years of experience in fish farming, and three facilities, including two of the most important sturgeons in Europe, today they are one of the largest sturgeon aquaculturists in the world, the most important of A. naccarii, and the first with ecological certification for caviar and sturgeon.

In Spain from always and up to the 70s, sturgeons were fished for their meat and roe. Both on the shores of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, and along the Guadalquivir, the Ebro, the Duero and the Tagus.

These famous rivers of the Iberian Peninsula were traced by sturgeons loaded with roe to reproduce, of the species A. naccarii and A. sturio, and even in some cases the famous Beluga H.huso.

From the 30s to the 60s, the production of Guadalquivir caviar was developed (Acipenser naccarii). Being one of the two European caviars together with the French (Acipenser sturio).

Historically, Iberian caviar was, as in France or Russia, a famous and desired delicacy.
In fact, there was a brand of Iberian caviar that was exported, with great success, even to Russia. Several tons were harvested each year.

During these decades, the overexploitation of this Iberian species for its caviar, as well as the construction of the Alcalá dam in the Guadalquivir, caused its disappearance.
Only some wild specimens of A. naccarii that traced the Po in Italy remained.


The Caviar of Riofrio

In Spain, and specifically in Andalusia as in all regions of the world where the sturgeon was caught for its caviar, the populations practically disappeared due to the deterioration of its habitat and above all due to its overexploitation.

CAVIAR DE RIOFRÍO after more than 20 years of research and development has managed to dominate the breeding of this native species native to the seas of Southern Europe and its rivers: the Acipenser naccarii.

This company has the largest population in the world, with more than 600 tons of naccarii. What allows it, respecting wild populations, produce a high quality sustainable caviar.
Good things require time, patience and care.

The first thing that differentiates our naccarii caviar from others, says its Production Manager, and biologist Alberto Domezain Fau, is that our females need about 16 years of breeding.
Twice as long as most of the usual market caviar.

To this we must add the conditions in which our sturgeons are raised, because our facilities are located in open natural environments, where the sun, natural air and pure water of the rivers that nourish our pools constitute the base that has allowed to achieve an ecological breeding process.

The result is a European ecological certification, controlled by official organisms and agencies of sustainable development, in all those natural and technical parameters that give these caviars a great purity and security to guarantee the greatest pleasure of the clients.
This philosophy makes it easy to identify those products that have a series of specific characteristics that confer a quality level endorsed by an official agency such as the Junta de Andalucía through the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries.


The organic farming logo of the EU offers consumers full guarantees that the origin and quality of food and beverages meet the requirements set out in the EU Organic Agriculture Regulation.

Proof of this is that Cervantes already mentioned the caviar in Don Quixote (1615): “They stretched out on the ground, and, making tablecloths of the herbs, put on them bread, salt, knives, walnuts, slices of cheese, bones of ham. , that if they did not let themselves chew, they did not defend being sucked.

They also put a black delicacy that they say is called caviar and is made from fish eggs, a great wake-up call. ”


It is the first ecological certified caviar in the world, fresh and soft.
With the right point of salt so as not to hide its varied marine nuances and nuts.

A delicate process of elaboration by our experts guarantees the maximum quality of the product.
Having no added preservatives, or having undergone ripening or oxidation processes, it preserves all its delicate nuances of flavor intact.

Both in the primary taste and in its delicate aftertaste. It is the authentic fresh caviar that the Czars ate.
This ecological caviar is available in exclusive glass jars that guarantee optimal conservation. Available in two Classic and Classic categories and Excellsius.


Following the traditional techniques of Iranian preparation, we obtain a caviar with the right point of maturation and salt, soft texture and intense flavor.
This company manages to unite the best qualities of Caspian caviars with the unsurpassed raw material of RIOFRÍO.
It is the traditional caviar is packaged in metal cans with a wide range of formats from 10 g up to 1 kg.


This product has the peculiarity that it is an elaboration of Riofrío Russian Style Caviar, which is based on the purest Russian tradition used since the time of the Tsars and applied by the experts of this company with the right point of salt (Malossol Style) to preserve the purity and quality of the freshest caviar.
Available in classic metal can format and in two usual categories Classic and Excellsius.


This variety is pure Caviar, which will bring feeling and personality to your creations.
Elaborated for its sprinkled application, it will give an extraordinary and creative touch.
Molinillo with ceramic mechanism 30 g. – Recharge with 30 g.

It also appears in DADOS DE CAVIAR. This technique has been developed by RIOFRIO. Based on a new concept for the world of high catering and cocktails.
After many years of research from its R & D department, it has achieved an optimal result for the market.

Always keeping in mind and respecting the essence of the original product, the authentic Caviar.

Getting a different and exclusive way to take authentic caviar. In cocktail format, shot, skewer or as an ingredient of the best culinary creations.
It comes in a pot with 25 dice with a net weight of 30 g.


Alberto Domezain Fau, Biologist and Production Director Caviar de Riofrío S.L., tells us:
“that the ecological caviar of his fish farm is the coolest we have”.

It is the type of caviar that was taken in the production areas and we consider that it is our best product.

Although many people have become accustomed to caviar with preservatives, which has much stronger flavors.
He declares that the RIOFRÍO fish farm was the first in the world to obtain the certification for ecological Caviar.

In the world at the moment there are only three certified farms in ecological production of sturgeons and caviar;
• the first one that achieved it after many years of preparing it was the Riofrío fish farm. Riofrío Caviar, with its first production of caviar in the year 2000.
• The second was the Yesa fish farm, from CAVIAR PIRINEA. Certified in 2008 and with its first production of caviar in 2012.
• The third and last one for the moment is a fish farm in Canada, which has been certified in 2.017.

For RIOFRÍO it has “taken a great effort to be pioneers in the ecological production of caviar.”
The caviar of this fish farm lives in a spring that springs from the Sierra.
A torrent of natural water, pure and crystal clear. In a natural environment and protected, preserved, respected to achieve an organic production and its European certification.
“Those rare and exclusive eggs were consumed for centuries in traditional salted fish”.

Presentation of caviar

To present the caviar, it must be served in a deep glass container. This is placed in another container filled half of the snow (broken ice).
The caviar is decorated with watercress and served by sending slices of English bread (even better than brown bread) spread with lightly salted butter, pieces of lemon and finely chopped chives.

It is one of the luxury gourmet products par excellence. The shortage of production, in addition to its tasty flavor, make it a super luxury snack.