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An ANTIGA Valencian craft beer

An ANTIGA Valencian craft beer. The Valencian Community has since 2008 a beer reference worthy of the best in Spain and Europe, Cervezas Antiga, has its headquarters in the Catarroja area.
12 years ago, three co-workers agreed on the same hobby, home brewing, initiating us into the world of craft beer, Inmaculada Vela, current director of the Commercial Department, tells us about the beginnings of this adventure that has led them to achieve important goals.
From the beginning, Antonio Burguet, current Beer Director began to stand out for his great curiosity, his hours of dedication and meticulous work.
After several years and different recognitions within the Association of Home Brewers, Inma Vela tells us, we made the great decision that would change our lives “dedicate ourselves body and soul to what we were really passionate about and discover the world, everything that can be found outside of conventional beers ”.






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The world and the land of vermouth.-Part 1ª

The world and the land of vermouth. Vermouth is much more than a drink. Define one of the favorite play activities. A social and gastronomic pleasure to enjoy in the bar of a bar of the lifetime, or in the morning of any Sunday with family or friends.
Vermouth is the perfect excuse for a good leisure time and, without a doubt, the king of the aperitif. Proof is that, far from going out of style, it takes more than ever.





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The gastronomy of Morocco with another look

The gastronomy of Morocco with another look.  The English Court has celebrated these days ‘Morocco with another look’. A few days to  give an in-depth knowledge of Morocco’s wealth from a cultural, artistic or cultural point of view.
An event of this kind has only been held in Europe in the United Kingdom. In the emblematic department store Harrods.
On Thursday, the Utopia space in Madrid hosted a show cooking. Starring the Moroccan cook living in the Madrid town of Parla.
NEGHAFA ZIANA RAJAA, one of the best ambassadors of the traditional Moroccan cuisine, which is made in the houses of Morocco.
This cook gave us a demonstration of Moroccan cuisine within the days ‘Morocco with another look’.






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Mercado de S Miguel, much more than a renovation

Mercado de San Miguel, much more than a renovation. This historic market is a pioneer in creating the concept of the market as a place to eat.
The Mercado de San Miguel reinforces its culinary appeal with renowned chefs, without abandoning the essence of traditional markets.
Among these chefs are: Jordi Roca, Rodrigo de la Calle, Roberto Ruiz and Ricardo Sanz.


By Ángel Marqués Avila. Journalist.

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