Jam made with love

Jam made with love. The history of this family business MONTSERRAT RULL, begins in the nineties of the last century in Alforja, a picturesque town in Baix Camp, Tarragona province.
Although the hazelnut had been in crisis for several years in the main crop – almost the only one in the municipality – the prospects for the future were very bad and Joel Salvat, and his family, thought that alternatives had to be found.
And that’s when the light bulb went on that the quince crop could be expanded. It was a tree that in a very small scale was present in all the games of the term, and that it resisted very well any excess of the climatology: cold, heat, drought or other environmental factors. In addition, the fruit, the quince, was very easy to make – all the grandmothers made quince meat in their houses in the area.






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Exclusive Green Olive Oils.

Exclusive Green Olive Oils. Green oil, also known as early harvest or first harvest olive oil. It is the juice extracted from the youngest olives, normally green or in veraison, during the months of October and November depending on the area.
We know that food enters through the eyes and this greatly conditions us when judging and evaluating its flavor.
The same occurs with olive oil. Especially when we see it through a transparent container or when serving it on the plate. Its color and texture make it more or less attractive to our eyes. These attributes transmit the first sensations before tasting it.

Green color

This is the case, for example, of unfiltered olive oil, olive juice packaged “on branch” with a cloudy green color that gives it a more authentic and natural appearance.
The last name “green” has to do with its fruity and more intense, aromatic, bitter and spicy flavor. Once the juice is filtered, its moisture remains are removed and it usually presents a more intense and brighter green color.
It is quite an experience of flavor to awaken our senses with this early oil easy to identify due to its bright green color.

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“City of Sansueña” A Solemn Cheese. Part II

“City of Sansueña” A Solemn Cheese. Part II. Juan Uña (founder) tells us that something to highlight is that “we have achieved homogeneity in the product throughout the year, using artisanal manufacturing, but very controlled.”

And something that makes our cheeses have that characteristic DNA resides in the making of our cheese, he explains, all manufacturing practices are aimed at preventing whey from leaving the curd.

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“City of Sansueña” A Solemn Cheese. Part I.

“City of Sansueña” A Solemn Cheese. Part I. It is among the most accredited in Spain and they are the “flagship” of most of the food pantries of restaurants, gourmet shops and specialized in cheeses, as well as private homes. The LÁCTEAS ZAMORO cheeses are protected by the Zamorano Cheese Designation of Origin.
Having very recognizable elements. The main raw material is 100% milk from sheep of the Churra and Castilian breeds raised in the province of Zamora, where 20% of all Spanish production of sheep milk comes from.
It is a matured, fatty cheese with a buttery texture on the palate, persistent aromas and some not very spicy notes. Its flavor is a balanced mix between sweet and acid nuances.







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An ANTIGA Valencian craft beer

An ANTIGA Valencian craft beer. The Valencian Community has since 2008 a beer reference worthy of the best in Spain and Europe, Cervezas Antiga, has its headquarters in the Catarroja area.
12 years ago, three co-workers agreed on the same hobby, home brewing, initiating us into the world of craft beer, Inmaculada Vela, current director of the Commercial Department, tells us about the beginnings of this adventure that has led them to achieve important goals.
From the beginning, Antonio Burguet, current Beer Director began to stand out for his great curiosity, his hours of dedication and meticulous work.
After several years and different recognitions within the Association of Home Brewers, Inma Vela tells us, we made the great decision that would change our lives “dedicate ourselves body and soul to what we were really passionate about and discover the world, everything that can be found outside of conventional beers ”.






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Anchovies from Santoña with their own name

Anchovies from Santoña with their own name. Anchovies in butter, that is the novelty that ANCHOAS REVILLA has put on the market, it is about recovering a tradition of yesteryear.
The Miguel Ángel Revilla cannery, originally from Santoña, is the one that has decided to rescue this way of preparing anchovies.
But to know better where it comes from, it is necessary to go back to 1883, when a Sicilian cannery stepped on Santoña for the first time in search of anchovies, which in Italy were consumed almost massively.
While, in Spain, this fish used to be used as bait for fish that had a higher value in the market, such as the case of sea bream.





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Cheeses Ruperto a cheese tradition

Cheeses Ruperto a cheese tradition. This Murcia Cheese Factory whose head Lorena Madrid is in charge of production, with which we dialogue while visiting its facilities, tells us that his family has been dedicating himself to cattle for over 100 years.
His grandfather Ruperto dedicated his whole life to the care and breeding of cattle. Your experience and wisdom is our best heritage.
Three generations dedicated to sheep, learning and improving the techniques of different fields (breeding, feeding, milking, etc.), we decided to change the cattle from Lacaunne for milk cattle. Today we have the latest news and the most innovative facilities for process optimization.
And getting into the matter about the role of the current woman in Spanish business life about whether she is discriminated against or not, she is a farmer and, above all, a cheese lover, who in addition to her vocation has become her profession, responds.

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Vermouth Zecchini 80 years of tradition

Vermouth Zecchini 80 years of tradition. The Madrid vermouth brand Zecchini has been synonymous with the development and aging of this product since the beginning of the last century, specifically since 1940.
In those years the Vermouth was in Madrid a new arrival from Italy. Today this drink continues to conquer palates, and remains a regular at snack time. Until the fact that the phrase “Let’s have a vermouth” to indicate this Spanish custom has become popular,
It is a true Madrid tradition and it has become popular in almost all of Spain.
Without a doubt, enjoying Madrid means walking through its streets full of history, accompanying a good snack with the best Vermouth.

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The Spanish Caviar Pirinea & Perse

The Spanish Caviar Pirinea & Perse. Since ancient times, caviar has been attributed healing and invigorating properties. Part of this secret may be in the reserve developed by sturgeons to guarantee the survival of their species for 250 million years, which is the time they have inhabited the planet, says Carlos Cadenas, CEO of Caviar de Riofrío.
In Spain there are three Spanish companies that produce and export high quality caviar. And they warn that many consumers believe they buy Russian products when they are from China.

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DOMINUS oil “A Mr. Oil” .Part II.

DOMINUS oil “A Mr. Oil”. The main thing for us, says the head of the export department, Francisco Montabes, is to obtain the highest quality and food safety in all the processes that we carry out, from the planting of an olive tree to the exit of each bottle of our mill.
To this end, we collaborate in studies and initiatives aimed at certifying the quality of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil in all phases of its manufacturing process.





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DOMINUS oil “Mr. oil”. 1st part

DOMINUS oil “Mr. oil”. 1st part. The first step in the production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the collection of the fruit.
In this mill, the olive harvest begins when it is in a state of initial maturity. Always looking for the optimal index from the organoleptic point of view.
The olive is collected directly from the tree, without the fruit reaching the ground.
The time of harvesting the fruit is a very important factor, which directly affects the quality of the oil.
What should be done when the maturation process is complete.
But that moment should not be postponed, the General Director of MONVA S.L, Francisco Montabes Vaño, declares us.

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Dehesa LOS LLANOS: The most awarded cheese in Spain

Dehesa LOS LLANOS: The most awarded cheese in Spain. If there is any more awarded cheese in Spain, that is CHEESE DEHESA DE LOS LLANOS. Since 1893 he has been making cheeses with a commitment to nature and tradition.
This policy, carried out for many years, has been achieved as the director of the Commercial and Marketing Department, Ana Simarro Candel, points out:
“We are the only active cheese factory in Spain that has received the Best Cheese in the World award at the World Cheese Awards 2012 for our Gran Reserva.”
This executive of the Cheese Factory tells us that the Dehesa de Los Llanos project is a 10,000 Ha farm.
Founded in the 17th century, located in Albacete. We are farmers and ranchers.

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Gaudium Chamberi (Madrid)Restaurant: A kitchen with roots

Gaudium Chamberi (Madrid)Restaurant: A kitchen with roots. In Santa Feliciana, 14, in the Chamberí neighborhood, chef Juan Carlos Peñas has his restaurant. He tells me during the talk we have before knowing his dishes that is in the kitchen by passion.
“I know that it sounds cheesy and very bad”, but I am an economist and for a long and dark period of my life my work activity was linked to the administration and finances of different companies.
During this time cooking for my family was what helped me to escape.
In 2007 he decided to change course, left his job and took a professional cooking course.
In 2008 GAUDIUM CHAMBERI opens, where he works as an assistant in the kitchen while completing his training, learning from experienced chefs.

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Great News for Madrid Fusion 2020

Great News for Madrid Fusion 2020. REALE SEGUROS MADRID FUSIÓN 2020 will be held from January 13 to 15, and among the novelties highlights the growth that this edition will experience, and for this the organization will try to meet the large demand for space that each year generates the congress.

This edition will feature more exhibition meters and new thematic areas. For this reason, the possibilities of participation will increase for all companies interested in being part of the most important gastronomic summit of high cuisine in the world.

Reale Seguros Madrid Fusión celebrates its coming of age in 2020 and is boiling.

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Wine and coeliacs, their relationship and incompatibility

Wine and coeliacs, their relationship and incompatibility. Fortunately we can say that in general, wine is not incompatible with celiac people.

One of the newest diseases and of great extension in our days, is not affected by drinking wine.

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Granbazan winery a dream albariño- Part 1

Granbazan winery a dream albariño. The Granbazan winery was founded in 1981, is located in the Salnés Valley, in the heart of the Rías Baixas (Galicia).
Upon entering you find a beautiful neoclassical building covered with blue tile of marked Indian influence, oriented to the north, protected from the hot rays of the south and surrounded by old Albariño vineyards.
It is undoubtedly one of the first and most beautiful châteaux of Galicia, where the noble materials merge with the landscape and the architecture with the proximity of the vineyards offer an unbeatable environment.





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Clunia Wineries: the aroma of penetrating wines-1st part

Clunia Wineries: the aroma of penetrating wines. This winery with 20 years old, because it was born in the late 90’s was born with the idea of ​​responding to an oenological project. A dream and a need to make wines with the power of the extreme, without additions.

Some wines from a land with centuries of experience, an arid land, lasts for its structure, for its height and for the climate that bathes it.

In these extreme conditions, the desire of this winery to produce wines that today are a palpable and tasty reality to taste was found.

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Canned and traditional preserves: Canned Serrats-Part 1ª

Canned and traditional preserves: Canned Serrats.  Traditional and artisan preserves have their own name, Conservas Serrats.

Without hesitation, within the companies that today make up the Basque canning sector and the Biscay in particular, there are many of proven historical tradition.

If we briefly review the evolution of these companies with a greater historical tradition, it seems necessary to address the issue through Bermeo (Biscayan municipality of the Busturialdea region), without a doubt the center of greatest concentration of resources of this nature in the past.





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High quality wines of Madrid origin.-First part

High quality wines of Madrid origin, Tagonius wines. The ideology of Tagonius is based on the elaboration of high quality wines. For this, in their warehouses they control the entire process of elaboration, from the harvest phase in the field to the bottling in their facilities. This whole process is done with a lot of meticulously and with some controls that make them different from the rest of the wineries and of course the result is the excellence of their wines.






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