Top 10 Spanish Gourmet Products

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Top 10 Spanish Gourmet Products. In the last months they emphasize the importance of these products of a very high quality.

10 Spanish Gourmet Products

Top 10 Spanish Gourmet Products

1.-Peppers of the piquillo of Lodosa

10 Spanish Gourmet Products

Peppers are peeled one by one without submerging them in water or chemical solutions; Thus retain all their natural characteristics, and then are roasted by direct flame. To be of Lodosa, they have to peel without touching the water. In addition, they are controlled by a Regulatory Board. 10 Spanish Gourmet Products.

2.-Asparagus of Navarre

Harvested in the orchard of Navarra, these asparagus have a soft texture, with no fibrosity and an exquisite taste. We have been very pleased with the asparagus of Conservas Pedro Luis.

3.-Beans baby

There are several areas of Spain that collect and produce beans. We highlight the area of Granada and Navarra for its baby beans.

4.-Anchovies of Santoña

To speak of anchovy is to speak of Santoña (Cantabria). Any modality from oil to salting. In Santoña, both the sobbing and the spitting are done manually and artisanal. Thus, an exceptional product and a very high quality is achieved.

5.-Pate of black olives

A product very easy to make at home. At the moment it is very fashionable in the restaurants in form of aperitivo before the meals. If you do not want to make a homemade in your houses, I recommend you try the La Cuna Conservas Artesanas.

6.-Green Asparagus Sauce with Grana Cheese

MCA product of Logroño- Posada del Marques. This product comes from Peru.
An authentic product delight, easy to accompany with rice and pasta.

7.-Menestra of  Vegetables. Top 10 Spanish Gourmet Products

Origin Navarra. Selection of the best vegetables. The quality of the ingredients, along with a careful manufacture, manages to conserve the flavor of the fresh vegetables. Our recommendation was made by  Conservas Pedro Luis.

8.-Hearts of artichokes

They stand out the Artichokes of Tudela, protected by a protected denomination that guarantees a product of very high quality. Another productive area of this delicacy is Vega Baja del Segura. Both have important canning companies.

9.-Serrano ham. 10 Spanish Gourmet Products

The product of greater Spanish representation. There are several areas of Spain that produce this exquisite product, but undoubtedly the two most important in the world are Jabugo and Guijuelo. The secret of this product lies in the drying climate and in the healing months. Longer higher quality.

10.- Manchego cured cheese. 10 Spanish Gourmet Products

Product made from sheep’s milk. It is an acid product, strong and spicy, but with a very pleasant residual taste. Your healing process should be longer than 4 months to appreciate all the splendor of this delicacy. Many are manufacturers and all of a high quality.


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