Types of grapes most used in Spanish red wines

Types of grapes most used in Spanish red wines. The most used types of grapes are diverse and of different regions.
Spain wine country par excellence has a very rich range of varieties of grapes most of them recognized worldwide.
Some are autochthonous and others are adapted and imported from other latitudes.

Spanische Weinregionen

The types of grapes most used in Spanish red wines

Own Varieties

Tempranillo grape (tinta del pais)

It is the most widespread grape in the Spanish territory. Of the 54 denominations that exist in Spain, this grape is present in 28.
The wines produced by this grape, vary considerably depending on the soil and the climate where they are produced.
In general, their wines are of low acidity and high alcohol content.
The wines of this grape age very well in oak barrels.
It is used mainly in the DO Rioja, and in the DO Ribera del Duero with the denomination of ink of the country.

Grenache red ink

Variety of grapes more planted in Spain. It is used mainly in wines produced in Rioja, Madrid, Navarra, Zaragoza and Catalonia.
This grape is oxidized very easily, and its wines are full and full-bodied.
It is mixed with Cariñena and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, to alleviate the high oxidation power.
Its origin has a lot of uncertainty, but authoritative voices place it in Sardinia.
Varieties of this grape are: the hairy, the hairy and the blue shark.
Its massive use is due to the ease of cultivation it presents. For its development it needs a warm and dry climate.
It is used for the production of rosé wines, due to its high content of sugars.

Graciano Grape

It is grown mainly in Navarra and something in Rioja.
Their wines have a high color of great structure.
It is used for the production of high reserve wines. In the south of Spain it is known as “tintilla de Rota”.
Grape with a high degree of acidity and tannic load, its yield is not very high, so it is not used abundantly.
The harvest is done at the end of October.
It is usually combined with tempranillo and mazuelo grapes.

 Mencía Grape

It is grown in the north of Spain in Asturias, Santander, Galicia and León. Its characteristics are similar to those of cabernet, and produces wines of great color, fruity.
Its clusters are small and compact and high in sugar and low acidity.
Wines made with this grape variety stand out for their aging capacity.

Favorite area of ​​this grape are the wines made in El Bierzo.
The aroma of this grape is of flowers and red fruits. In the mouth it is velvety and its wines are usually sweet.
The Ribeira Sacra is one of the most cultivated areas of this variety. With this grape they usually make very tasty vermouths.
Being a sweet grape marida perfectly with the taking of fish. With the meat it is ideal with red meats, game meats and lamb. We can not forget to take wines made with this grape, with the typical dish of Bierzo, which is Botillo.

Uva Cariñena / Mazuelo

Its cultivation in the regions of Rioja, Navarre and Catalonia, in this last region is predominant and is often used together with other grapes for wine production, given its low acidity and low oxidation.
Grape native to Cariñena (Aragón), and widely used and planted in France where it reaches an area of ​​167,000 hectares in 1988. Later the EU made a policy of withdrawal of this vine, through subsidies to start this variety.
It is a grape of high yield and late ripening.
It has a vertical trend development with a thick stem around the bunch, which makes it difficult to harvest it mechanically.

Monastrell grape

It is grown in Levante, Albacete and Catalonia. Also known as Vemeta or Morastell, and in France ces known by the name of Mourvedre
Its wines have a high color and a high alcohol content.
It is a grape that provides its wines with great flavor, aroma and potency. It is usually used in wines along with other varieties.
Grapes late ripening, their clusters are conical and tight dark black.
It is usually combined with syrah, grenache and cabernet grapes for the preparation of table wines.

Imported varieties

Grape Cabernet Sauvignon

Of French origin, it is possibly the most international grape variety of all. It is grown in all regions where wine is produced.
Their wines tend to be of good body, many tannins and a remarkable acidity that helps the aging process of the wines.
Although it can grow in diversity of climates, its ideal development is in warm climates. The same happens with soils where this parity adapts to almost all types of soil.
One of its most notable characteristics is its green pepper flavor. Against what seems like this is not a defect. Other characteristic flavors are mint and eucalyptus.
In Spain appears in the nineteenth century by the hand of the Marquis de Riscal. It stands out for its intense color.

Grape Pinot Noir

Its name comes from the French of the words pine (pineapple) and noir (black). Pine’s name comes from its bunches are conical and tight in the shape of a pineapple.
Its fine skin and its low phenolic levels make its wines a light color with low tannins.
It is a grape that is produced all over the world, but its great use is in the Burgundy area. In Spain it is grown mainly in Catalonia.
Its origin is centered in Burgundy and Champagne.
A grape widely used in the production of sparkling wines.

Grape Syrah

The crop is centered in Casltilla La Mancha and the Murcia region. Its origin is from the Rhone, and its use occurs in warm climates.
Its introduction in Spain dates back to 1982 from the hand of the Marquis of Griñón.
The main characteristic is the aroma of violets and ripe black fruits.

Grape Merlot

It belongs to the same family as the cabernet grape. Their wines are fine and soft.
Its main characteristic is that it ages very quickly without losing quality.
A grape grown in Spain in Navarra, Ribera del Duero, Alicante, Huesca, Murcia and Catalonia.
Its origin is Bordeaux. It is the most used grape in the world to make red wines after the cabernet grape.
It is used for its adaptation to different types of soils.

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