Where to do a spanish wine tasting in madrid.

Where to do a spanish wine tasting in madrid.  Spanish wine tasting madrid . Wine tastings are more and more frequent outside the traditional wine-growing areas.

Where to do a spanish wine tasting in madrid.

Spanish wine tasting

There are several areas or areas of the Community of Madrid where a tasting can take place. The area of ​​Colmenar de Oreja or the one of Cinderellas meet conditions of climate and terrain suitable for the cultivation of the vine.

Thus, we can find wineries where to taste wines:

In Aranjuez: Bodega Real Cortijo de Carlos III.
Arganda del Rey: Bodegas Castejón. Since 1959
Belmonte del Tajo: Organic Winery Andrés Morate
Colmenar de Oreja: Bodega Figueroa.
Cenicientos: Bodega Luis Saavedra. Special production of organic wines.
Navalcarnero: Bodega Muñoz Martin.
Pozuelo del Rey: Winery and Vineyards Gonsalbez Orti. Quality organic wines.
Valdelaguna: Bodega Pablo Morate. Wine Museum.
Valdilecha: Bodega Orusco. Founded in 1896. Oldest winery in the Community of Madrid.
As far as Madrid capital, we can find several areas for wine tasting:

Markets Zone

Currently the old market has been renovated and conditioned to the new demands of the public demand. We can recommend:

Barley Market: in the Plaza de la Cebada (La Latina). On Saturday mornings it is filled with public to taste wines and seafood. Highly recommend.
Mercado San Miguel: in Plaza San Miguel. A quaint and very popular place.
Mercado de San Antón: very refurbished and a meeting point in the Chuec neighborhood. To highlight its very nice upper terrace.
San Idelfonso Market. In Calle Fuencarral nº 57.
Wine Tasting Locations in Madrid Capital

You can also go to specialized spaces and taste wines.

Especially relevant are:

Entrevinos: in Ferraz street, 36
De Vinos: calle La Palma, 76
Lavinia: Ortega y Gasset Street, 16
La Venencia: Echegaray Street, 7
Arzabal: Menéndez Pelayo Street, 13
La Posada del León: Calle Cava Baja, 12
Matrium: Cava Alta Street, 17
El Quinto Vino: Calle Hernani, 48
Casa González: calle del León, 12

Traditional Wine Bars in Madrid

If we choose to go to bars in Madrid, I leave some recommendations

  • Vinicola Mentridana: located in the area of ​​Anton Martin. Calle San Eugenio, 9
    La Ardosa: calle Colón, 13. With a century of antiquity.
    Stop Madrid: Hortaleza Street, 11. Founded in 1929.
    Bodegas Rosell: General Lacy street, 14 (Atocha). Since 1920
    El Aloque: Calle Torrecilla del Leal, 20 (Lavapies)
    Tempranillo: Cava Baja street, 38
    Finally, I commented that the area of ​​the Cava Baja, is known as the street of wines in Madrid.

In conclusion, if you have time and you like wine, with this guide you can enjoy an excellent Spanish wine in Madrid.

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