Mas de L'Abundancia

Mas de L'Abundancia

Wines from the Mas de L'Abundancia winery

The Mas de l'Abundància is located in the Priorat region (Tarragona) and belongs to the D.O. Montsant. Until the disentailment, in the decade of 1830, it belonged to the Prior of Scala Dei (the farm still conserves three magnificent landmarks with the boundaries of 1790). Before it had belonged to the Dukes of Entenza and Cardona, who gave it to the Prior on January 27, 1727. It was always a self-sufficient farmhouse, planted with vines, olive trees and vegetable garden for subsistence.

The farm owes its name, since the 15th century, to the unbeatable geographical situation it occupies and to the quantity and quality of its products. The type of land is "llicorella" (tertiary coal) and alluvial earth from the quaternary; It has its own spring water and is located between the Siurana River and the old village of Les Pinyeres, a place of local cult, where since time immemorial the virgin of the same name is venerated.

The current winery was created in 2002 by the family of the Rio Mateu with the dream of returning to the origins and following an uninterrupted family tradition for generations, with the firm will to make a "terroir" wine. From the beginning the objectives were the effort, the faithful dedication to the cultivation of the vineyard and an extreme care in the elaboration of the wine.

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