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Red wines

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Zinca Fudre
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Zinca Fudre

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Puerta del Viento mencía
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Puerta del Viento mencía

Red 0,75L

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Baron de Ley Varietal Garnacha Tinta
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Baron de Ley Varietal Garnacha Tinta

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Tarima Hill
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Tarima Hill

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Spain is known for its intense and excellent red wines. Discover our great selection of Spanish red wines at iberoWine. The different grapes and the characteristics of the different growing areas make Spain's semi-dry and dry red wine varieties so unique. Order your favorites now easily online at incredible prices.

Red wine shop

is the fundamental symbol of wine. If we think of a good wine to eat, a dinner for a special moment, do not come to mind red wine.
The red wine is made from red grapes (sometimes including some proportion of white grapes) and fermented in the presence of skins. It has variable color between cherry red and bluish black.
The grape varieties for the red wine are: Tempranillo, Garnacha Tinta, Graciano, Mencía, Monastrell, Cariñena / Grazuelo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot noir, Syrah,
The red wine, depending on the aging time it has in the barrel and in the bottle, will get a different category. In this way we can find young wines, breeding wines, wines and reserves of large reserves.
When it comes to buying the best red wine online, they take into account labels.
In addition to an exceptional product, wine accumulates qualities beneficial to health.

Elaboration of red wine

The basis of winemaking has hardly changed since its inception more than 6,000 years ago.
Plants that produce better in warm climates than in cold climates, but if we protect the waves well, they can be grown in any climate.
The sweeter the grapes the sweeter the wine, so the wine growers try to delay the harvest as much as possible.
The picking is made a hand, cutting the grape with special scissors that only cut the bunch, so as not to tear the plant.
For red wine is used for the whole ink ink: the must, the skin, the pulp and also the seeds.
The quality of the wine sold was determined by the quality of the grape's ink. That is why it is important, the climate, the qualities of the soil and even the shape of the pruning of the vines over the years, since all influences the quality of the grape.
The tails are placed in the press and then in the crusher to extract the wort.
In the hold, the result of squeezing and pressing is stored in stainless steel barrels, later added yeast for the sugar of the must becomes alcohol. This process is called fermentation.
The fermentation process is subjected to constant and continuous controls, and
experiments to improve the quality of red wine. This is done by taking samples of the must, and mixing it with different types of yeast.
Another essential point in the process of making red wine is the fermentation temperature. In the stainless steel barrel where the fermentation process takes place, temperature control is essential. The wine must ferment at a temperature between 30 ° to 35 °. The fermentation time in this type of wine is 10 days.
The preparation of the wine requires one more step: during the fermentation the wine must be drained to aerate the wine. Oxygen helps yeast to work faster in fermentation.
Also the sugar level is controlled because, during the process, when the sugar level goes down, the alcohol level rises. The fermentation is ready when there is practically no sugar left and the alcohol level for red wine is between 11% and 13%.
Subsequently the winemaker pumped the wine into the barrel to mix well.
The wine is stored for a few months, and then filtered to remove particles.
Finally, the bottling process arrives either fully automated form, manual or a combination of both.
The key to bottling is to prevent, among the oxygen in the bottle, because it sour wine. The color of the bottle (dark) helps to preserve the wine, since light can affect the taste of the wine.
The use of cork in the wine stopper is determined by the fact that that element seals the bottle tightly, preventing air from entering.
Inside the bottle the wine continues to experience changes as it ages.

Benefits of red wine

• It helps to fight obesity: a study conducted by Rutgers University (USA), concluded: "We then found that the feeling of fat was less pronounced after drinking wine than after drinking water."
• Combats oral bacteria.
• Improves cognitive function.
• Reduces the risk of cancer: Moderate wine consumption and its relationship with cardiovascular diseases, has been widely studied. It is known that people living in the Mediterranean basin (France, Italy, Greece or Spain), have a lower cancer mortality rate. The flavonoids that wine has, reduce the chances in patients of prostate cancer to have ailments.
• Heart ally: Red wine phenolic polys act as antioxidants
• Avoid hearing problems: red wine grapes contain a substance called resveratrol, which helps slow down the body's inflammatory process, thus helping to delay hearing loss.
• It favors the assimilation of proteins: for that reason it is recommended to take with the cheeses and the meats.
• Improves varicose veins.
• Increases good cholesterol
• Varicose veins
• Reduces the chances of having hemorrhoids.
• Avoid urinary tract infections.
In short, the benefits of red wine are abundant and important, but whenever we take it in moderation.
As each day new studies show us the multiple benefits and advantages, acquiring a good habit, is to take one or two glasses of wine a day, preferably at meals.
Choosing a wine to drink should not be any problem with the wide offer that we have today at our fingertips. The tastes of each will tilt the decision of the purchase, as well as the way of acquiring them, and the prices of the different types. But it is advisable to try different things from time to time.

Buy the best red wines online 

Wide offer of wines and denominations of origin of all Spain.
If you do not find the wine you want, give it to us and we will find it for you and give you the best conditions. We like wine and are thrilled to be able to help people find their wine.
Do not go without your favorite wine, we help you find it. The wine world unites and makes friends along the way.

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