Bag in box, discover a new way of consuming wine: Characteristics and advantages

Bag in box, discover a new way of consuming wine: Characteristics and advantages. “Many are the reasons we can name to drink wine in bag in box, and in recent times we have heard a lot about” bag in box “.

But we know what it is?

Raisons de boire du vin en Bag in Box
Raisons de boire du vin en Bag in Box





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Campollano a cheese from the land of La Mancha made by craftsmen

Campollano a cheese from the land of La Mancha made by craftsmen.
At the beginning of the 20th century, the great-grandparents of the present owners were Cattle Ranchers.
They made artisan cheeses from Cabra and Manchega sheep cheese when the animals brought them milk in the spring season.
In the middle of the century, his grandparents used to make fresh cheese that they sold to all the inhabitants of the town and neighboring towns. These were valued for their good work.

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Cibeles a beer from Madrid artesanal. A different beer

Cibeles a beer from Madrid artesanal.A different beer. Originally was a Phrygian goddess, Cybele, was the goddess of Mother Earth.

She was also considered the personification of the fertile land.

Cibeles a beer from Madrid artesanal.A different beer

The Cibeles beer, located in the Madrid town of Leganés, began its journey 18 years ago, by July 2010, the result of the initiative of a group of entrepreneurs, led by David Castro to which they joined the passion for beer, the business world and the attachment to history, and his love for the people of Madrid, with the aim of offering the market a series of craft beers of high quality and low production volume.

Prior to the start of the company, David had been brewing beer at home for many years, which helped him learn an important part of the trade, and to refine what would become part of their brewing formulas. Continue reading Cibeles a beer from Madrid artesanal. A different beer

How to correctly read a wine label

How to correctly read a wine label. The label is usually a piece of paper that contains information useful to the consumer, and that adheres to the bottle. Currently there are also labels of other materials that can be placed in the wine bottle.
The label in most occasions on the only information we have about a wine before consuming it, that is why the information it contains and the way of exposing it is of vital importance.
The labels of the wines are usually two: the main label that is placed on the front and the counter-label on the back.

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Bodegas Mauro, wines from the land with their own identity


Bodegas Mauro, wines from the land with their own identity. Since 1978, Bodegas Mauro has been characterized for producing quality red wines with a vocation for aging and limited production.

Bodegas Mauro, wines from the land with their own identity

Balanced wines, opulent and sensual, that vindicate the identity of the terroir, the characteristics of the varieties and personality of the producer.
Within the Spanish wine scene, this winery produces modern wines, but with roots. Attached to tradition and with signs of their own identity that make them recognizable.

A restored 17th century mansion, a great example of popular architecture. With an underground cellar, it houses the aging and bottling ships of this winery since 1980.

As a counterpoint, since 2004 the elaboration takes place in a modern and functional building in Tudela de Duero. Continue reading Bodegas Mauro, wines from the land with their own identity

Bodegas Mauro, vinos de la tierra con identidad propia

Bodegas Mauro, vinos de la tierra con identidad propia. Desde 1978, Bodegas Mauro se ha caracterizado por elaborar vinos tintos de calidad con vocación de envejecimiento y producciones limitadas.

Bodegas Mauro, vinos de la tierra con identidad propia

Vinos equilibrados, opulentos y sensuales, que reivindican la identidad del terruño, las características de las variedades y personalidad del elaborador.

Dentro del panorama de los vinos españoles, esta bodega elabora vinos de corte moderno, pero con raíces. Apegados a la tradición y con señas de identidad propia que los hacen reconocibles.


Una casona del siglo XVII restaurada, magnífico exponente de arquitectura popular. Con bodega subterránea, acoge las naves de crianza y embotellado de esta bodega desde 1980.

Como contrapunto, desde el año 2004 la elaboración se desarrolla en una moderna y funcional edificación en Tudela de Duero. Continue reading Bodegas Mauro, vinos de la tierra con identidad propia

Sansueña cheese Homogeneous, Soft and Traditional

Sansueña cheese Homogeneous, Soft and Traditional. Lácteas Zamoro, is a family business. With more than 25 years of experience and dedication to the production of raw milk sheep’s cheese.
With modern facilities, in which it has been able to combine perfectly the traditional methods of elaboration with the adaptation of the new technology and the constant renovation to the demands of the market.

Sansueña cheese

A unique cheese. The main asset that the company has is the cheese itself.
It is an old sheep cheese made from raw milk, marketed under the name CITY OF SANSUEÑA. Continue reading Sansueña cheese Homogeneous, Soft and Traditional

What wine to choose to pair with fish and seafood

What wine to choose to pair with fish and seafood. Many times when we go out to eat or dine at a restaurant and we want to eat fish or seafood, we have a good idea of ​​what to choose:

What wine to choose to pair with fish and seafood

Traditionally it has always been said that the wine that best accompanies fish or seafood is white wine, but today there are many red wines that, due to their composition and characteristics, can perfectly accompany these raw materials.
However, here we are going to give some white wine guides to accompany these meals. Continue reading What wine to choose to pair with fish and seafood

La música protagonista en bodega Renacimiento.

La música protagonista en bodega RenacimientoLa directora de orquesta española Inma Shara, ha recibido, de manos de Carlos Moro, presidente de Bodegas Familiares Matarromera, la Insignia de Oro de Matarromera, “por su entrega y compromiso con la música clásica española, su proyección internacional y su capacidad de gestión y liderazgo”.

La música protagonista en bodega Renacimiento

La imposición ha tenido lugar en Bodega Renacimiento, la bodega que posee la empresa vitivinícola en Olivares de Duero dentro de la DO Ribera del Duero. Continue reading La música protagonista en bodega Renacimiento.

Montecillo wineries Rioja authenticity and family tradition.

Montecillo wineries Rioja authenticity and family tradition. Montecillo has presented its new vintages and some of its novelties: such as the Montecillo Blanco Fermentado en Barrica 2016, and Montecillo Rosé 2016, both of D.O.Ca. Rioja
It will also be the perfect setting for the launch of its Limited Edition 2010.

Montecillo wineries Rioja authenticity and family tradition

Montecillo Limited Edition 2010, has recently been awarded a Gold Bacchus and Andreas Larsson, Best Sommelier in the World (2007 ASI).
He has awarded him 90 points in his last blind tasting; is the modern expression of the eternal and authentic Rioja, the most contemporary and at the same time, the most timeless wine of Montecillo.
It is the alliance of two ancestral varieties, Tempranillo and Graciano.
To offer an extraordinary wine, of which only 34,000 numbered and autographed bottles are made by its winemaker, Mercedes García. Continue reading Montecillo wineries Rioja authenticity and family tradition.

Flor de Vetus 2017, un vino verdejo de altura.

Flor de Vetus 2017, un vino verdejo de altura. Bodegas Vetus presenta la nueva añada de su vino blanco Flor de Vetus 2017.

Elaborado con la variedad verdejo procedente de una zona única de Segovia. La más occidental de la Denominación de Origen Rueda.

Flor de Vetus 2017, un vino verdejo de altura

Flor de Vetus
Flor de Vetus

Es original, auténtico y puro verdejo. Para el que se han seleccionado pequeñas parcelas viejas. Hacen que este vino sea una muestra de que se pueden crear verdejos singulares. Continue reading Flor de Vetus 2017, un vino verdejo de altura.

Flavors of yesteryear …… for the kitchen of TODAY

Flavors of yesteryear …… for the kitchen of TODAY. In the so-called “Huerta de España”; logically I am referring to the Community of Murcia, has its headquarters, and specifically in the town of El Mirador, San Javier, the company LA VEGA DEL MAR MENOR. Currently directed by its founder Eugenio Jiménez.

Flavors of yesteryear …… for the kitchen of TODAY.

P Listo

The idea of ​​forming this company arose in this Murcian family in the year 2000. Continue reading Flavors of yesteryear …… for the kitchen of TODAY

Las principales uvas cultivadas en el mundo, y los países productores.

Las principales uvas cultivadas en el mundo, y los países productores. La Organización Internacional del Vino y la Vid (OIV) ha publicado ultimamente algunos datos estadísticos muy interesantes. Los principales productores de vino y las variedades de uvas cultivadas, en cada zona, con resultados sorprendentes.

Las principales uvas cultivadas


En Italia, por ejemplo, donde nos sorprende el color de sus variedades, la uva más plantada es la uva Sangiovese. Pues esta uva comprende apenas el 8% del área total de viñedos del país.

Un total de 80 variedades diferentes constituyen las tres cuartas partes(3/4) de todas las cepas plantadas. Continue reading Las principales uvas cultivadas en el mundo, y los países productores.

Summer terraces. It’s time for terraces in Madrid

Summer terraces. It’s time for terraces in Madrid and Spain in general. With the appearance of good weather, it is time for the summer terraces. In Spain the terraces model has been a successful product for years.

In Madrid, coinciding with its ninth anniversary since the opening of the first Arzábal tavern, Álvaro Castellanos and Iván Morales give the starting signal to the season of terraces with the extension of their three proposals.

Summer terraces

Arzábal was born on May 6, 2009 in a place without the possibility of a terrace, in which Álvaro Castellanos and Iván Morales offered their scooters to customers to occasionally support their drinks before the tide of customers who demanded space. Continue reading Summer terraces. It’s time for terraces in Madrid

Cena Solidaria con los mejores chefs en lugares de moda.

Cena Solidaria con los mejores chefs en lugares de moda.

Un evento benéfico

Inicialmente, el próximo lunes 28 de mayo se celebrará la VI edición de Soul Food Nights, el evento benéfico que un año más une gastronomía y moda con el objetivo de recaudar fondos para Acción contra el Hambre.

En consecuencia durante esa noche, las mejores tiendas de Madrid abrirán sus puertas para ser escenarios de una cena solidaria. Continue reading Cena Solidaria con los mejores chefs en lugares de moda.

Donde se elaboran los mejores Pintxos Vascos en Madrid.-

Donde se elaboran los mejores Pintxos Vascos en Madrid.Hoy vamos a hablar de pintxos.

Que es un Pintxo

Tosta 4 chipirones, Pintxos
Tosta 4 chipirones, Pintxos

Los pintxos o porción de comida tomada como aperitivo, que a veces se atraviesa con un palillo, nacieron en los bares como acompañamiento de la bebida. Pero con el tiempo han ocupado una parte importante en el ocio gastronómico de España. Continue reading Donde se elaboran los mejores Pintxos Vascos en Madrid.-

Granxa Pegullal: High Quality Products.

The Granxa Pegullal and its High Quality Products. In an area of Galicia, specifically in Salceda de Caselas in the province of Pontevedra stands the PEGULLAL PEACE, which was built in the 18th century.

The Pazo

Surrounded by a monumental wall that surrounds the farm. It is chaired by a majestic access gate. Crowned with the coat of arms of the Correa, Mendoza, Quirós, Sarmiento and Sotomayor families.
In addition, this luxury Galician architecture of this time, has a double access staircase that ends in a balustrade sun. Continue reading Granxa Pegullal: High Quality Products.

Top 10 Spanish Gourmet Products

Top 10 Spanish Gourmet Products. In the last months they emphasize the importance of these products of a very high quality.

1.-Peppers of the piquillo of Lodosa

Peppers are peeled one by one without submerging them in water or chemical solutions; Thus retain all their natural characteristics, and then are roasted by direct flame. To be of Lodosa, they have to peel without touching the water. In addition, they are controlled by a Regulatory Board.

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The old Cava in an artisanal way

The old Cava in an artisanal way

The old Cava elaborated in an artisanal way, is produced by the noble Vilarnau family. It was established in the 12th century in this privileged land of Penedes.
The name of the VILARNAU cava, is the etymological result of Vila Arnau.

That is to say, the “country house or Domus” of the Arnau, that was in the stately demarcation of the term of the Castle of Subirats and where already in century XII vineyards were cultivated.

History of Cava Vilarnau

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Cava Antiguo y Elaborado de forma Artesanal.

El Cava antiguo de forma artesanal

El Cava antiguo elaborado de forma artesanal, lo produce la noble familia Vilarnau.  Se asentó en el siglo  XII en esta privilegiada tierra del Penedés.

El nombre del cava de  VILARNAU,  es el resultado etimológico de Vila Arnau.

Es decir, la “casa de campo o Domus” de los Arnau, que se encontraba en la demarcación señorial del término del Castillo de Subirats y donde ya en el siglo XII se cultivaban viñas.

Historia del Cava Vilarnau

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The Queen of Albariño awarded Order of Knights of Wine

The Queen of Albariño awarded Order of Knights of Wine. The Foundation, created in 1984 by “Wines from Spain” of the Economic and Commercial Office of the Embassy of Spain.
Located in London, each year this institution “puts in solfa” two new characters.
Elected by secret ballot, recognizing and highlighting their work in the promotion of Spanish wines in the United Kingdom.

The Queen of Albariño awarded Order of Knights of Wine


This year the title of Knight of the Wine of the Great Order of Knights of Wine (GOCV):
It has been for the Aragonese of origin and Pontevedra adoption:
Marisol Well, this woman has contributed with her work since her presidency for more than 21 years of the Albariño Designation of Origin.

For the dissemination of the Albariño variety in the English market. The second most important for Spanish wine in the European Union, which is made through Pazo de Señorans, of which it is the owner and founder.

This wine grower since 1979, known as the “Gran Dama del Albariño”. He has dedicated all his time and effort to the Pazo de Señorans winery. Quality reference and pioneer in the avant-garde wines of the Rías Baixas.

Marisol Bueno Berrio-Ategortúa was born in Zaragoza, from a Basque mother. His father, military doctor, was stationed in Pontevedra and there ended up establishing the Bueno family.
In that city, the same one that, according to the saying, “gives drink to whoever passes by”.

The owner of this Galician winery, which is so emblematic in the wine world of this Community, became an adopted Galician.

Pazo de Señorans (, is a beautiful property in the municipality of Meis (Pontevedra), presided over by a 16th century manor house surrounded by eight hectares of vineyards.

This is a project promoted in its day by Marisol Bueno and her husband, the prestigious rheumatologist Javier Mareque Abada, who dedicates his production to making the best Albariño grape whites.

The trajectory of this winery was consolidated in 1989 with the quality and floral character of its Pazo de Señorans.

From the 1995 harvest, Selección de Añada emerged, a target of great expression that has since made a great contribution to the family winery.



Born in the DO Rías Baixas in the 80s.
The winery offers quality albariños from one of the noblest Spanish varieties.

The traditional and respectful methods with the product are what define Pazo de Señorans. Always keeping the peculiarities of the grape in the freshness of its wines.
Facts that have been recognized by national and international critics, giving great ratings in competitions around the world.
The Albariño grape is one of the great white wines of the world.
Thanks to its aromatic medium-high and its great structure and is distinguished by its aging capacity.
In fact, one of the first irrefutable proofs of the longevity of Albariño grape the white top. PAZO SEÑORÁNS SELECTION OF AÑADA, which premiered with the 1995 vintage.
The wine came onto the market with fourteen months of aging in stainless steel tanks with its lees, something totally unheard of at the time.


To make the Vintage Selection, the most unique vineyard of the Señoráns estate, known as Los Bancales, was chosen for the terraced area in which it is located.

Very airy, with low planting density and lower yields than usual in the area. Perhaps the most characteristic is the soil, of pure granite and with little organic matter.
In the 1996 vintage the breeding time was extended to twenty-seven months.
Since then it has moved around thirty months (even reaching thirty-eight in the 2001 harvest).

The current vintage of the Vintage Selection, in the market since last summer, has been aged for more than thirty months. In stainless steel tanks and a minimum of one year in the bottle before going on the market.

In the end, the total aging time is comparable to that of many large reserves of other denominations of origin, which so much veneration awaken lately among fans.
The wine, which is still a baby, offers a fruit with a lot of relief.

Certain syrupy notes that will evolve over time with candied touches. Spices, dried herbs and hydrocarbon notes as often happens with riesling.

Although, despite old legends, it is already proven that there is no kinship between both varieties.

The Selection is a wine with a marked and voluminous character on the palate. Only about twelve thousand-eighteen thousand bottles are made.

Written by Angel Marques de Avila-gastronomic journalist


Quesería Tierras Altas: The taste in pastry bag

At Quesería Tierras Altas, they make some cheeses that remind me of the true flavor of the old transhumant herds. That thanks to its vast pastures in sturdy but beautiful landscapes, the harshness of its climate and the inhospitable nature of the place give rise to an authentic cheese.

Highlands Cheese Factory

Cheese creams are made in this cheese factory.
Located in the Soria locality of San Pedro Manrique, they hide the pleasure of enjoying the cheese in a different way.
For Inma Herráez Hurtado, manager and alma mater of this company, soriana of adoption since 1999 and Extremadura of origin:
“The cheeses we make are of supreme quality and artisanal, because we do everything by hand. There is not a single machine, there are only the hands to melt and mature the cheeses. ”
La Quesería Tierras Altas, began its journey back in 2012.
Its novelty lies in the presentation of cream cheese pastry sleeves, with utility patent.

They are being very well received in the world of hospitality and catering, as well as by the consumer in general, for their easy handling.


Innovating in a world as traditional as cheese is complicated, says the manager, Inma Herráez.
So we must sharpen the ingenuity, but in Quesería Tierras Altas know that the ingenuity allows you to keep the quality intact and reach tables that others can only dream of.

The company was born only five years ago, when a Valladolid cheese enthusiast, Ignacio Velasco, decided to install the factory in Tierras Altas (Soria-Spain).

To ripen the dairy products and turn them into spreads.

He recently retired and today the witness is held by Inmaculada Herráez, creativity and illusion in its purest form.
Within this innovation we are introducing ourselves, says the person in charge of the Cheese Factory, in the world of food for Jews.

“We are working on kosher cheese”.

” That is, elaborated under the guidelines required by practicing Jews and that suppose, for example, utensils that have never been in contact with the flesh “.

“A rabbi comes for four or five days to supervise the manufacturing process and by the end of the year we can be in seven countries,” says Inmaculada Herráez.
This step we have taken does not mean creating a new brand. It is rather a new seal that we want to give our face creams open new business experiences.
Make our cheeses known to the different communities and adapting to what the current demand.

International Impact

Although demand is scarce at the national level, “outside of Spain we are having great success,” he says.
“For me it is very important because it is opening doors,” he says and adds that also because “the label of ‘produced by Inmaculada Herráez’ will reach other countries.

“With the signing of an Extremaduran cheese shop that fell in love with Tierras Altas and puts its grain of sand in one of the most unpopulated regions of Europe.
“I continue to make the same products with creams and cheese,

” he explains, but I have incorporated a patented and innovative line.

It’s about the sleeves, “just like the pastry makers do, but with cream cheese.”

“Right now it is what is most successful because it is very comfortable for any cover. Save work to those who buy it, “says the cheese maker.
For the time being I have tried the SHEEP CHEESE CREAM WITH BOLETUS EUDULIS, which has pleasantly surprised me.
It has a strong flavor at the beginning but leaves a bitter aftertaste that is pleasant to the palate.

Cheese Creams

this classic cream, is soft, and great to accompany with honey to be a delicious dessert.

Ideal for mid afternoon take a toast with it to enjoy both its aroma and taste.
And it could not be missing in the land of the Torreznos:
special to taste it as an aperitif, very tasty and in which that soriano touch is appreciated with pleasure.

“The sleeves I sell mostly to distributors, but I also prepare smaller, half pound,” he says. The innkeepers themselves can see their ideas reflected, in addition, with new ingredients.
This is so and tells us that for example in particular from Cádiz.
I call myself a chef to tell me that because of this fashion, bluefin tuna, and if I could prepare a cream with that ingredient, and I said yes, without any problem I did.
They have also asked for me with nuts. “It’s something that is personalized, but always based on my own cheeses.”

In fact, the presentation in pastry bag is patented.
“I do not manufacture under any other brand or for anyone else. It’s a bit like a son, “he says.
Of course, it has left traveler and already has demand in almost all of Spain and in more than ten countries.

The quality

The secret of this success tells us that this in addition to the novel presentation, resides in “the quality of cheese.”

“I do not make cheese creams with 5% product and 95% additives to correct the taste.

Here it is the other way around, take the cheese and the melting salts so that it can be spread, because otherwise it would be impossible.

It does not carry rare preservatives and that gives it quality, “he says.

An advice

There are people who ask me how you can put a good cheese to melt. I answer very easily is that we use the same cheese that is sold whole. We simply take advantage of those that have some small aesthetic defect, for example, a crack. It is a perfect cheese, only it is not attractive to the eye.
There are also those who send us their cheeses so that my hands and that of a person that helps me turn them into delicious creams easy to handle and for all tastes.

La Poda Albariño.-

La Poda Albariño la última apuesta de Bodegas Palacios 1894. Ha presentado de forma exclusiva ante unas veintena de especialista en vino en el ESPACIO MOOD de Madrid.

La Poda Albariño

Ha sido este PODA ALBARIÑO, elaborado cien por cien con este tipo de uva, bajo la denominación De Origen RIAS BAIXAS.

Cosechado en el 2017, por tanto se trata de un vino joven de alta acidez. La viña está situada en alto en la localidad pontevedresa de Villagarcia de Arosa. Continue reading La Poda Albariño.-

EL Gato Orgulloso.Vino de DO Madrid.

El Gato Orgulloso. Vino de DO de Madrid. Los Vinos de Madrid están de moda.

Se acabaron aquellos tiempos en los que solo se oíamos  hablar  y leer noticias de vinos de Rioja, Ribera, Jerez, etcc…

En la actualidad bares, restaurantes y tiendas gourmet, se llenan de vinos de esta D.O.

La denominación de origen vinos de Madrid se asienta en la provincia de Madrid.

Fue creada en 1990, cuenta con una extensión de 8.200 hectáreas, cerca de 45 bodegas y 2.850 viticultores.

Los suelos varían de pardos sobre base de granito en la subzona de San Martín de Valdeiglesias, a los de origen arcilloso en la subzona de Navalcarnero.

En la zona de Arganda encontraremos combinación de ellos dos, con una altitud máxima aproximada a los 500 metros.

El clima es de origen continental con temperaturas extremas estacionarias. Continue reading EL Gato Orgulloso.Vino de DO Madrid.