Non-alcoholic wines from Spain

Non-alcoholic wines from Spain

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Have you ever tried non-alcoholic Spanish wines? Non-alcoholic white wines or sparkling wine are the perfect alternative if you don't want to miss out on a glass of wine with your meal or toast. Find a Spanish wine without alcohol at iberoWine at attractive prices now and order easily without leaving home.

Wines without alcohol

As is happening with other products, non-alcoholic wines or alcoholized wines are increasingly being introduced in our sector. Sometimes this type of wine is taken by own decision, others by medical prescription, in any case, the arrival of these wines should be welcomed as a positive contribution to the sector, as it will contribute to have more wine lovers, and therefore greater consumption.
Given the dilemma that arises, if they are wines or musts, by the theory that wine must contain some alcohol to be wine, let's see how it is made.

Manufacture of non-alcoholic wines

The first thing to remember is that this type of wine is made from already elaborated wines, to which alcohol is removed.
This process is performed before bottling, by the reverse osmosis procedure, in order not to lose the properties of the wine.
The elimination, therefore, reduces the volume of production in the percentage of alcohol (14%), which together with the investments in technology that must be made, makes the price of this type of wine is superior to others.
Non-alcoholic wines other than those labeled 0% may contain a percentage below 2%.
Benefits of non-alcoholic wine
Over the past few years, research linking health benefits with non-alcoholic wine consumption has been increasing.

All the results that have been published in different scientific journals and general media point in the same direction: wine without alcohol is good for health. The reasons that are concluded in the diverse investigations are several:
• high antioxidant content,
• Reduction of voltage and
• improves arterial vasodilation, which is related to lower cardiac risk.

Types of Wines without Alcohol

We can catalog this type of wine in three main categories:
• 0% content, are those that, as its own indication says, have total absence of alcohol. It must be specified on the label.
• Those denominated without alcohol, whose percentage is less than 2%
• Finally, the so-called "low in alcohol", whose alcohol content is between 6 and 7%. They are the so-called alcohol-free.

Buy the best wine without alcohol online

Undoubtedly more and more health is present in all aspects of our lives, and one way to contribute is to drink wine without alcohol.
From Iberowine we want to help to make known this range of wines, in order to attract more people to the world of wine.

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