The most original wineries

The most original wineries in Spain, are not always known. Some are buildings of modern and evolutionary construction. Others are the essence of the past with emblematic buildings, more typical of museums than wineries.
Many of these wineries have incorporated into their winemaking facilities, hotel facilities. To take into account when we travel, for its quality of accommodation.
We could say that many are “hotels of caprice”.

Original wineries in Spain

The most original wineries in Spain

1.-López de Heredia Viña Tondonia

This winery has the honor of being one of the three first wineries that are created in La Rioja. It is located in the town of Haro in the heart of La Rioja.
The winery built on perforated rock, has more than 3400 m2 of underground surface, with drafts of 200 meters long and more than 10 meters deep.
Impress the strength of its construction set, which has become known as “The Cathedral of Wine”.

2.-Marques de Riscal

Winery located in the town of Elciego (Alava).
It includes the old cellar of Marqués de Riscal (1858). One of the oldest in Rioja, as well as a new building designed by the Canadian architect, Frank O. Gehry.
It hosts the Marqués de Riscal Hotel, the Luxury Collection Hotel, the Vinothérapie® Caudalie Spa. Two exclusive restaurants advised by the chef from La Rioja, Francis Paniego, as well as a meeting center.
The creation of the City of Wine, a project that marks a before and after in the way of understanding the world of wine.

City of Wine

The City of Wine is part of Project 2000, the strategic plan of the company.
A bridge between the XIX and XXI centuries, since it supposes a bet between tradition and vanguard:
construction of a winery (San Vicente) with the most advanced technology,
investment in a new bottle rack,
the installation of a laboratory for the control and analysis of wine,
and in general, all the technological improvements to be up-to-date and guarantee the maximum quality of the wines.
The City of Wine has a total area of ​​100,000m2, of which the Hotel managed by Marriott International INC, has an area of ​​3200m2 and has 43 rooms.

3.- Pago de Cirsus

Original wineries in Spain

Located in the municipality of Ablitas, in the Comunidad Foral de Navarra.
All Pago de Cirsus wines are made with grapes from the estate, and the entire production and bottling process takes place on the farm itself.
It consists of four differentiated zones, which are:
-Naves de Tinas: This is where the highest-end wines are made.
Here they arrive a selection of the best grapes of the farm, harvested by hand, in small boxes.
They are placed in a cold room for 24 hours for cold pre-maceration.
After this time pass to a selection table where those clusters that do not meet the required quality parameters are eliminated.
The vintage pasta is encased in 7 French oak vats, 2 of them with a capacity of 5,000, and 5 with a capacity of 8,000 liters.
Inside, a coil through which cold water circulates, is responsible for maintaining the desired temperature.


-Naves of elaboration: it is endowed with the best technology to elaborate quality wines.
-Bred area: is half buried in the mountain. So the darkness, temperature and humidity is ideal for the rest and the evolution of the wine inside the barrels.
-Water bottle: it is heated and the bottles rest in a horizontal position for an adequate evolution.

4.- Protos. Original wineries in Spain

Original wineries in Spain

This winery represents the fusion between quality wine and avant-garde architecture. Designed by Rogers Stirk Harbor and Alonso Balaguer and Associated Architects.
It has an area of ​​19,450 m2 and a processing capacity of 1000 tons of grapes.
The new winery is very close to the old facilities. Excavated in the hill of the Castle of Peñafiel (Valladolid), with which it is connected underground.
For practical reasons, taking advantage of the decrease in temperature, which provides the burial, it was decided to bury most of the facilities for wine production and maturation.
On the other hand, the construction in height, on the ground level, technically called “light envelope”, reinterprets the construction of warehouses in the form of a ship.
It is a structure of parabolic arches, made of laminated wood.
The shape and material were chosen for their structural effectiveness and suitability to the production process.

5.-Señor de  Arinzano. Original wineries in Spain

Located in the northwest of Spain, between La Rioja and Bordeaux, is the impressive Property of Arínzano. A protected space that constitutes a rich natural habitat.
The entrance to the winery, designed by the famous Spanish architect Rafael Moneo, serves as inspiration for a new brand identity of the Arínzano estate.
The Señorío de Arínzano has been recognized for the excellence of its vineyards since the 11th century, when Mr. Sancho Fortuñones de Arínzano elaborated wines for the first time on the property.
In the sixteenth century, the palace belonged to Mosén Lope de Eulate, who was titled Señor de Arínzano and was a counselor to King Juan de Labrit.The most original wineries.

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