Dehesa la Granja

Dehesa la Granja

Dehesa La Granja Wines

In Zamora land is this winery that respects the environment and is integrated into it. Considered one of the most beautiful estates that can exist in the world of wine, their almost 800 hectares spread on the banks of river Guareña.

This impressive underground cellar where they sleep and rest ship their famous wines. For 17 years, from 1750-1767, 125 men in darkness and silence, broken only by his punches were gaining ground to the stone until a curious maze of corridors, over 3,000 square meters.

Besides wine production, the estate goes to other crops and livestock, which allows them to sell beans, cheese and oil, from the estate. In addition, raw materials are collected here and the animals they care for, cater to his restaurant. A treat for lovers of good food.

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Dehesa La Granja
8.9 €/btl 8.8 €/btl Unités: 6 AJOUTER

Dehesa La Granja


Red 0,75L
V.T. Castilla y León

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