wines from the winery Ballabriga


Wines from the Ballabriga winery

At 640 meters high, at the foot of the pre-Pyrenees, in Somontano Alto, Bodegas Ballabriga cultivates the grapes that will later give rise to its wines. Some wines made under the signature of an author who takes responsibility until the end of his work, which prints a stamp, making their wines unique.

Bodega Ballabriga, in its desire to recover tastes of the Somontano, is preparing new wines of the white variety "Alcañón" and "Moristel" ink. Varieties native to our region.

The Ballabriga family has grown its vineyards of Adahuesca for generations.

In century XX, they emphasize Lucas Ballabriga and Jose Ballabriga later, elaborating wines very appreciated in the zone.

In 2000, José Miguel Ballabriga decided to make a leap of quality and founded Bodegas and Vineyards Ballabriga, with the intention of creating wines of the highest quality, looking for essences and roots, with a new vision in the way of producing Somontano wine .
Since then, our wines have gained considerable success, contributing decisively to the revival of interest in the varieties of Somontano.
In 2005 Bodegas Ballabriga began to sell its wines outside our borders, in different European countries, receiving a great welcome from our customers.
At present we are going to start exporting wine to other continents, with the illusion of making known the value of Somontano wines far from our land.
Wineries and Vineyards Ballabriga is a family winery, concerned with recovering native varieties of Somontano. In front of the homogenization in the wines worldwide, they intend to rescue the flavors of yesteryear.
Among its grape types, stands out as one of the native Parraleta. Variety practically extinguished, from this winery is making a great effort to recover it, obtaining some excellent and unique wines. They are preparing a white wine made with the native variety "Alcañón". After the success of the Parraleta, they want to elaborate a white wine following the same guidelines. A wine with the highest quality and maintaining the specific of the Somontano.
In order to obtain its wines, the fundamental dedication is the work in the vineyards, allowing a very low load of grapes in the strains, of hardly 3000 kg per Ha. That amount of grapes manages to produce very intense and concentrated wines.
The building of the winery is modern and functional, partially buried to facilitate aging in the barrels. Located in the center of the farm Batrallo, surrounded by its vineyards.
They have stainless steel tanks and French and American oak barrels. The careful selection, almost individual, of these barrels and their toasting is one of our main tasks to get some unique wines.

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